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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Three Girls About Town

Three Girls About Town

Release Date: 1941-10-23 (79 years ago)
Joan Blondell
Hope Banner
Joan Blondell was:
Binnie Barnes
Faith Banner
Binnie Barnes was:
Janet Blair
Charity Banner
Janet Blair was:
Robert Benchley
Wilburforce Puddle, hotel manager
Robert Benchley was:
John Howard
Tommy Hopkins
John Howard was:
Hugh O'Connell
Chief of Police
Hugh O'Connell was:
Frank McGlynn Sr.
Josephus Wiegal, senior mortician
Frank McGlynn Sr. was:
Eric Blore
Charlemagne, looking for Charlie
Eric Blore was:
Paul Harvey
Fred Chambers, editor
Paul Harvey was:
Una O'Connor
Maggie O'Callahan, scrubwoman
Una O'Connor was:
Almira Sessions
Tessie Conarchy, scrubwoman
Almira Sessions was:
Dorothy Vaughan
Mrs. McDougall, scrubwoman
Dorothy Vaughan was:
Walter Soderling
Charlie, the deceased
Walter Soderling was:
Alec Craig
Samuel, potential casket customer
Alec Craig was:
Joseph Crehan
Labor leader
Joseph Crehan was:
Charles Lane
Charles Lane was:
Bess Flowers
Mortician's Wife
Bess Flowers was:
William B. Davidson
Labor Leader
William B. Davidson was:
Eddie Dunn
Policeman Eddie
Eddie Dunn was:
Harry Harvey
Harry Harvey was:
Robert Emmett Keane
Casket-Selling Mortician
Robert Emmett Keane was:
Bert Roach
Advising Drunk
Bert Roach was:
Tim Ryan
Singing Drunk
Tim Ryan was:
Eugene Anderson Jr
Eugene Anderson Jr was:
Harry Anderson
Head Porter
Harry Anderson was:
Jessie Arnold
Jessie Arnold was:
Arthur Aylesworth
Poker Player
Arthur Aylesworth was:
Bruce Bennett
Bruce Bennett was:
Lloyd Bridges
Lloyd Bridges was:
Barbara Brown
Barbara Brown was:
Nora Cecil
Casket Customer
Nora Cecil was:
Ken Christy
Union Man
Ken Christy was:
Chester Clute
Frank - Magician
Chester Clute was:
Monte Collins
Tipsy Poker Player
Monte Collins was:
Hal K. Dawson
Hal K. Dawson was:
Lester Dorr
Lester Dorr was:
Alan Edwards
Alan Edwards was:
Sarah Edwards
Sarah Edwards was:
Dick Elliott
Magician Boarding Bus
Dick Elliott was:
Franklyn Farnum
Conventioneer Extra
Franklyn Farnum was:
Patricia Farr
Telephone Operator
Patricia Farr was:
John Farrell
John Farrell was:
Dink Freeman
Delivery Man
Dink Freeman was:
Frank Gaby
Frank Gaby was:
Harrison Greene
Poker Player
Harrison Greene was:
Charles Halton
Doc - Coroner
Charles Halton was:
George Hickman
George Hickman was:
Sheldon Jett
Hotel Extra
Sheldon Jett was:
Eddie Laughton
Eddie Laughton was:
Vera Lewis
Vera Lewis was:
Arthur Loft
Poker Player
Arthur Loft was:
William Newell
Laundry Man
William Newell was:
Larry Parks
Larry Parks was:
Minna Phillips
Minna Phillips was:
Cyril Ring
Extra at Labor Meeting
Cyril Ring was:
Harry Seymour
Harry Seymour was:
Grady Sutton
Meeting Doorman
Grady Sutton was:
Ben Taggart
Ben Taggart was:
Ferris Taylor
Ferris Taylor was:
John Tyrrell
John Tyrrell was:
Ray Walker
Reporter on Telephone
Ray Walker was:
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