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Poster of The Cowboy Quarterback

The Cowboy Quarterback

Release Date: Saturday, July 29 1939 (83 years ago)
Portrait of Bert WheelerBert Wheeler
Harry Lynn
Bert Wheeler was:
Portrait of Marie WilsonMarie Wilson
Maizie Williams
Marie Wilson was:
Portrait of Gloria DicksonGloria Dickson
Evelyn Corey
Gloria Dickson was:
Portrait of William DemarestWilliam Demarest
Rusty Walker
William Demarest was:
Portrait of Eddie Foy Jr.Eddie Foy Jr.
Steve Adams
Eddie Foy Jr. was:
Portrait of William HopperWilliam Hopper
Handsome Sam Saxon
William Hopper was:
Portrait of William GouldWilliam Gould
Col. Moffett
William Gould was:
Portrait of Charles C. WilsonCharles C. Wilson
Coach Hap Farrell
Charles C. Wilson was:
Portrait of Dick WesselDick Wessel
Football player
Dick Wessel was:
Portrait of Eddie AcuffEddie Acuff
Eddie Acuff was:
Portrait of Trevor BardetteTrevor Bardette
The Indian
Trevor Bardette was:
Portrait of Clem BevansClem Bevans
Lem the Mailman
Clem Bevans was:
Portrait of Frederic TozereFrederic Tozere
Mr. Slater
Frederic Tozere was:
Portrait of John HarronJohn Harron
Mr. Gray
John Harron was:
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
Mr. Walters
John Ridgely was:
Portrait of Nat CarrNat Carr
Hotel Clerk
Nat Carr was:
Portrait of Glen CavenderGlen Cavender
Nightclub Waiter
Glen Cavender was:
Portrait of Sol GorssSol Gorss
Cozy Walsh - Packers Player
Sol Gorss was:
Portrait of Creighton HaleCreighton Hale
Creighton Hale was:
Portrait of Oscar 'Dutch' HendrianOscar 'Dutch' Hendrian
Berries O'Leary - Packers Player
Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian was:
Portrait of Max Hoffman Jr.Max Hoffman Jr.
Lon King - Packers Player
Max Hoffman Jr. was:
Portrait of Stuart HolmesStuart Holmes
Airport Official
Stuart Holmes was:
Portrait of Reid KilpatrickReid Kilpatrick
Game Announcer
Reid Kilpatrick was:
Portrait of Frank MayoFrank Mayo
Jail Guard
Frank Mayo was:
Portrait of Jack MowerJack Mower
Jeff Abbott
Jack Mower was:
Portrait of John J. RichardsonJohn J. Richardson
Nightclub Extra
John J. Richardson was:
Portrait of Benny RossBenny Ross
Benny Ross was:
Portrait of Garland SmithGarland Smith
Airport Attendant
Garland Smith was:
Portrait of Larry SteersLarry Steers
Casino Extra
Larry Steers was:
Portrait of Don TurnerDon Turner
Joe Wade - Packers Player
Don Turner was:
Portrait of Dale Van SickelDale Van Sickel
Football Game Official
Dale Van Sickel was:
Portrait of Ellinor VanderveerEllinor Vanderveer
Casino Extra
Ellinor Vanderveer was:
Portrait of Claude WisbergClaude Wisberg
Claude Wisberg was:
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