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Poster of Sealed Verdict

Sealed Verdict

Release Date: Friday, November 5 1948 (74 years ago)
Portrait of Ray MillandRay Milland
Robert Lawson
Ray Milland was:
Portrait of Florence MarlyFlorence Marly
Themis DeLisle
Florence Marly was:
Portrait of Broderick CrawfordBroderick Crawford
Captain Kinsella
Broderick Crawford was:
Portrait of John HoytJohn Hoyt
Otto Steigmann
John Hoyt was:
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
Lance Nissen
John Ridgely was:
Portrait of Norbert SchillerNorbert Schiller
Slava Rodal
Norbert Schiller was:
Portrait of Patricia MillerPatricia Miller
Maria Romanek
Patricia Miller was:
Portrait of Charles EvansCharles Evans
Gen. Kirkwood
Charles Evans was:
Portrait of Ludwig DonathLudwig Donath
Jakob Meyersohn
Ludwig Donath was:
Portrait of Celia LovskyCelia Lovsky
Emma Steigmann
Celia Lovsky was:
Portrait of James BellJames Bell
Mr. Hockland
James Bell was:
Portrait of Elisabeth RisdonElisabeth Risdon
Mrs. Hockland
Elisabeth Risdon was:
Portrait of Olive BlakeneyOlive Blakeney
Camilla Cameron
Olive Blakeney was:
Portrait of Ann DoranAnn Doran
Ellie Blaine
Ann Doran was:
Portrait of Paul LeesPaul Lees
Clay Hockland
Paul Lees was:
Portrait of June JefferyJune Jeffery
June Jeffery was:
Portrait of Frank ConroyFrank Conroy
Colonel Pike
Frank Conroy was:
Portrait of Dan TobinDan Tobin
Lieutenant Parker
Dan Tobin was:
Portrait of Marcel JournetMarcel Journet
Capt. Gribemont
Marcel Journet was:
Portrait of John EldredgeJohn Eldredge
Colonel Macklin
John Eldredge was:
Portrait of Dave WillockDave Willock
Stockade Desk Sergeant
Dave Willock was:
Portrait of Selmer JacksonSelmer Jackson
Dr. Bossin
Selmer Jackson was:
Portrait of Thomas Browne HenryThomas Browne Henry
Briefing JAG Colonel
Thomas Browne Henry was:
Portrait of Torben MeyerTorben Meyer
Courtroom Interpreter
Torben Meyer was:
Portrait of Dorothy GrangerDorothy Granger
Edna Brown
Dorothy Granger was:
Portrait of Carole MathewsCarole Mathews
Hospital Receptionist
Carole Mathews was:
Portrait of John WengrafJohn Wengraf
German Doctor
John Wengraf was:
Portrait of Fay WallFay Wall
Hospital Nurse
Fay Wall was:
Portrait of Paula RaymondPaula Raymond
Paula Raymond was:
Portrait of Leo SchlesingerLeo Schlesinger
German Soldier
Leo Schlesinger was:
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