Poster of Garden of the Moon

Garden of the Moon

Release Date: Friday, September 23 1938
84 years ago
Portrait of Pat O’BrienPat O’Brien
John Quinn
Pat O’Brien was:
Sat, Nov 11 1899
Sat, Oct 15 1983
Portrait of Margaret LindsayMargaret Lindsay
Toni Blake
Margaret Lindsay was:
Mon, Sep 19 1910
Sat, May 09 1981
Portrait of John PayneJohn Payne
Don Vincente
John Payne was:
Tue, May 28 1912
Wed, Dec 06 1989
Portrait of Johnnie DavisJohnnie Davis
Slappy Harris
Johnnie Davis was:
Wed, May 11 1910
Mon, Nov 28 1983
Portrait of Melville CooperMelville Cooper
Melville Cooper was:
Thu, Oct 15 1896
Sat, Mar 31 1973
Portrait of Isabel JeansIsabel Jeans
Mrs. Lornay
Isabel Jeans was:
Wed, Sep 16 1891
Wed, Sep 04 1985
Portrait of Mabel ToddMabel Todd
Mary Stanton
Mabel Todd was:
Tue, Aug 13 1907
Thu, Jun 02 1977
Portrait of Penny SingletonPenny Singleton
Miss Calder
Penny Singleton was:
Tue, Sep 15 1908
Wed, Nov 12 2003
Portrait of Dick PurcellDick Purcell
Rick Fulton
Dick Purcell was:
Sun, Aug 06 1905
Mon, Apr 10 1944
Portrait of Curt BoisCurt Bois
Maharajah of Sund
Curt Bois was:
Fri, Apr 05 1901
Wed, Dec 25 1991
Portrait of Granville BatesGranville Bates
Angus McGillicuddy
Granville Bates was:
Sat, Jan 07 1882
Mon, Jul 08 1940
Portrait of Edward McWadeEdward McWade
Peter McGillicuddy
Edward McWade was:
Sat, Jan 14 1865
Mon, May 17 1943
Portrait of Larry WilliamsLarry Williams
Larry Williams was:
Tue, Jul 29 1913
Mon, Jan 03 1983
Portrait of Ray MayerRay Mayer
Ray Mayer was:
Wed, Apr 24 1901
Mon, Nov 22 1948
Portrait of Jerry ColonnaJerry Colonna
Jerry Colonna was:
Sat, Sep 17 1904
Fri, Nov 21 1986
Portrait of Joe VenutiJoe Venuti
Joe Venuti was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Jimmie FidlerJimmie Fidler
Jimmie Fidler
Jimmie Fidler was:
Wed, Aug 24 1898
Tue, Aug 09 1988
Portrait of Nat CarrNat Carr
Joe - Food Store Owner (uncredited)
Nat Carr was:
Thu, Aug 12 1886
Thu, Jul 06 1944
Portrait of Glen CavenderGlen Cavender
Graham - Waiter (uncredited)
Glen Cavender was:
Wed, Sep 19 1883
Fri, Feb 09 1962
Portrait of Ralph DunnRalph Dunn
Fred - Hotel Detective (uncredited)
Ralph Dunn was:
Wed, May 23 1900
Mon, Feb 19 1968
Portrait of Edgar EdwardsEdgar Edwards
Chauncey - the Ape-Man (uncredited)
Edgar Edwards was:
Fri, Dec 01 1911
Wed, Oct 03 1973
Portrait of Harry FoxHarry Fox
Photographer (uncredited)
Harry Fox was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Eddie GrahamEddie Graham
Night Club Patron on Dance Floor (uncredited)
Eddie Graham was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Lew HarveyLew Harvey
Mr. Brown - Fulton's Henchman (uncredited)
Lew Harvey was:
Thu, Oct 06 1887
Sat, Dec 19 1953
Portrait of Al HermanAl Herman
Workman Changing Marquee Name (uncredited)
Al Herman was:
Tue, Feb 22 1887
Sun, Sep 28 1958
Portrait of John HiestandJohn Hiestand
Nightclub Announcer (uncredited)
John Hiestand was:
Wed, Jan 16 1907
Thu, Feb 05 1987
Portrait of Stuart HolmesStuart Holmes
Night Club Patron (uncredited)
Stuart Holmes was:
Mon, Mar 10 1884
Wed, Dec 29 1971
Portrait of Selmer JacksonSelmer Jackson
Doctor (uncredited)
Selmer Jackson was:
Mon, May 07 1888
Tue, Mar 30 1971
Portrait of Eddie MarrEddie Marr
Thug Shooting at Quinn (uncredited)
Eddie Marr was:
Wed, Feb 14 1900
Tue, Aug 25 1987
Portrait of Charles MarshCharles Marsh
Photographer (uncredited)
Charles Marsh was:
Wed, Oct 04 1893
Sun, Mar 08 1953
Portrait of Mira McKinneyMira McKinney
Sarah - Champagne Customer (uncredited)
Mira McKinney was:
Sun, Oct 23 1892
Tue, May 02 1978
Portrait of Bert MoorhouseBert Moorhouse
Reporter (uncredited)
Bert Moorhouse was:
Tue, Nov 20 1894
Tue, Jan 26 1954
Portrait of Charles MortonCharles Morton
Mrs. Lornay's Escort (uncredited)
Charles Morton was:
Mon, Jan 28 1907
Wed, Oct 26 1966
Portrait of James NolanJames Nolan
Sound Man with Microphone (uncredited)
James Nolan was:
Mon, Nov 29 1915
Mon, Jul 29 1985
Portrait of Thomas PogueThomas Pogue
Jonathan - Champagne Customer (uncredited)
Thomas Pogue was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of John J. RichardsonJohn J. Richardson
Jones - Waiter Who is Fired (uncredited)
John J. Richardson was:
Thu, Nov 01 1888
Sat, Jan 24 1942
Portrait of John RidgelyJohn Ridgely
Sound Control Engineer (uncredited)
John Ridgely was:
Mon, Sep 06 1909
Thu, Jan 18 1968
Portrait of Tony RomanoTony Romano
Musician (uncredited)
Tony Romano was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Constantine RomanoffConstantine Romanoff
Man Cutting In at Dance (uncredited)
Constantine Romanoff was:
Sun, Aug 21 1881
Sat, Feb 08 1969
Portrait of Harry SeymourHarry Seymour
Sammy - Pianist (uncredited)
Harry Seymour was:
Mon, Jun 22 1891
Sat, Nov 11 1967
Portrait of Bobby SherwoodBobby Sherwood
Fidler's Announcer (uncredited)
Bobby Sherwood was:
Sat, May 30 1914
Wed, Jan 23 1980
Portrait of Jack WiseJack Wise
Night Club Patron on Dance Floor (uncredited)
Jack Wise was:
Mon, Jan 02 1888
Sun, Mar 07 1954