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Release Date: 2009-05-28 (12 years ago)
Portrait of Ed AsnerEd Asner
Carl Fredricksen (voice)
Ed Asner was:
Portrait of Christopher PlummerChristopher Plummer
Charles F. Muntz (voice)
Christopher Plummer was:
Portrait of Jordan NagaiJordan Nagai
Russell (voice)
Jordan Nagai was:
Portrait of Bob PetersonBob Peterson
Dug / Alpha (voice)
Bob Peterson was:
Portrait of Delroy LindoDelroy Lindo
Beta (voice)
Delroy Lindo was:
Portrait of Jerome RanftJerome Ranft
Gamma (voice)
Jerome Ranft was:
Portrait of John RatzenbergerJohn Ratzenberger
Construction Foreman Tom (voice)
John Ratzenberger was:
Portrait of David KayeDavid Kaye
Newsreel Announcer (voice)
David Kaye was:
Portrait of Elie DocterElie Docter
Young Ellie (voice)
Elie Docter was:
Portrait of Jeremy LearyJeremy Leary
Young Carl (voice)
Jeremy Leary was:
Portrait of Mickie McGowanMickie McGowan
Police Officer Edith (voice)
Mickie McGowan was:
Portrait of Danny MannDanny Mann
Construction Worker Steve (voice)
Danny Mann was:
Portrait of Donald FulliloveDonald Fullilove
Nurse George (voice)
Donald Fullilove was:
Portrait of Jess HarnellJess Harnell
Nurse AJ (voice)
Jess Harnell was:
Portrait of Josh CooleyJosh Cooley
Omega (voice)
Josh Cooley was:
Portrait of Pete DocterPete Docter
Campmaster Strauch (voice)
Pete Docter was:
Portrait of Mark AndrewsMark Andrews
Additional Voices (voice)
Mark Andrews was:
Portrait of Bob BergenBob Bergen
Additional Voices (voice)
Bob Bergen was:
Portrait of Brenda ChapmanBrenda Chapman
Additional Voices (voice)
Brenda Chapman was:
Portrait of Emma CoatsEmma Coats
Additional Voices (voice)
Emma Coats was:
Portrait of John CyganJohn Cygan
Additional Voices (voice)
John Cygan was:
Portrait of Paul EidingPaul Eiding
Additional Voices (voice)
Paul Eiding was:
Portrait of Tony FucileTony Fucile
Additional Voices (voice)
Tony Fucile was:
Portrait of Teresa GanzelTeresa Ganzel
Additional Voices (voice)
Teresa Ganzel was:
Portrait of Sherry LynnSherry Lynn
Additional Voices (voice)
Sherry Lynn was:
Portrait of Laraine NewmanLaraine Newman
Additional Voices (voice)
Laraine Newman was:
Portrait of Teddy NewtonTeddy Newton
Additional Voices (voice)
Teddy Newton was:
Portrait of Jeff PidgeonJeff Pidgeon
Additional Voices (voice)
Jeff Pidgeon was:
Portrait of Valerie LaPointeValerie LaPointe
Additional Voices (voice)
Valerie LaPointe was:
Portrait of Jan RabsonJan Rabson
Additional Voices (voice)
Jan Rabson was:
Portrait of Bob ScottBob Scott
Additional Voices (voice)
Bob Scott was:
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