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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Timestalkers


Release Date: 1987-03-10 (35 years ago)
Portrait of William DevaneWilliam Devane
Scott McKenzie
William Devane was:
Portrait of Lauren HuttonLauren Hutton
Georgia Crawford
Lauren Hutton was:
Portrait of John RatzenbergerJohn Ratzenberger
General Joe Brodsky
John Ratzenberger was:
Portrait of Forrest TuckerForrest Tucker
Texas John Cody
Forrest Tucker was:
Portrait of Klaus KinskiKlaus Kinski
Dr. Joseph Cole
Klaus Kinski was:
Portrait of Tracey WalterTracey Walter
Tracey Walter was:
Portrait of James AveryJames Avery
James Avery was:
Portrait of R. D. CallR. D. Call
R. D. Call was:
Portrait of John ConsidineJohn Considine
Doctor Crawford / Matthew Crawford
John Considine was:
Portrait of Danny PintauroDanny Pintauro
Billy McKenzie
Danny Pintauro was:
Portrait of Gail YoungsGail Youngs
Laurie McKenzie
Gail Youngs was:
Portrait of Patrik BaldauffPatrik Baldauff
Patrik Baldauff was:
Portrait of Ritch BrinkleyRitch Brinkley
Ritch Brinkley was:
Portrait of J. Michael FlynnJ. Michael Flynn
J. Michael Flynn was:
Portrait of A.J. FreemanA.J. Freeman
Grover Cleveland
A.J. Freeman was:
Portrait of Deborah LevinDeborah Levin
Deborah Levin was:
Portrait of Begonya PlazaBegonya Plaza
Begonya Plaza was:
Portrait of Tim RussTim Russ
Sgt. Filton
Tim Russ was:
Portrait of Michael StrasserMichael Strasser
Michael Strasser was:
Portrait of Buck TaylorBuck Taylor
Shaving Cowboy
Buck Taylor was:
Portrait of John WesleyJohn Wesley
John Wesley was:
Portrait of Burke DenisBurke Denis
Burke Denis was:
Portrait of Joshua DevaneJoshua Devane
Joshua Devane was:
Portrait of Terry FunkTerry Funk
Bearded Cowboy
Terry Funk was:
Portrait of Tommy LameyTommy Lamey
Tough Cowboy
Tommy Lamey was:
Portrait of Arnold RobertsArnold Roberts
Arnold Roberts was:
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