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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Rating Notman

Rating Notman

Release Date: 1982-04-28 (40 years ago)
Portrait of Jeff RawleJeff Rawle
Jeff Rawle was:
Portrait of Maurice ColbourneMaurice Colbourne
Maurice Colbourne was:
Portrait of Farrell SheridanFarrell Sheridan
Farrell Sheridan was:
Portrait of Allan HunterAllan Hunter
Allan Hunter was:
Portrait of John RatzenbergerJohn Ratzenberger
John Ratzenberger was:
Portrait of Freddie BoardleyFreddie Boardley
Freddie Boardley was:
Portrait of Paul MoriartyPaul Moriarty
Paul Moriarty was:
Portrait of Ian RattrayIan Rattray
Ian Rattray was:
Portrait of Ian SharpIan Sharp
Ian Sharp was:
Portrait of John RinghamJohn Ringham
John Ringham was:
Portrait of Gordon SterneGordon Sterne
Gordon Sterne was:
Portrait of Hugo BowerHugo Bower
Hugo Bower was:
Portrait of Lex van DeldenLex van Delden
Lex van Delden was:
Portrait of Timothy MorandTimothy Morand
Timothy Morand was:
Portrait of Trevor AinsleyTrevor Ainsley
Trevor Ainsley was:
Portrait of Nicholas YoungNicholas Young
Nicholas Young was:
Portrait of Richard RatcliffeRichard Ratcliffe
Richard Ratcliffe was:
Portrait of Chris HarteChris Harte
Chris Harte was:
Portrait of John TindleJohn Tindle
John Tindle was:
Portrait of Mark ButlerMark Butler
Mark Butler was:
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