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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Motel Hell

Motel Hell

Release Date: 1980-08-14 (41 years ago)
Portrait of Rory CalhounRory Calhoun
Vincent Smith
Rory Calhoun was:
Portrait of Paul LinkePaul Linke
Sheriff Bruce Smith
Paul Linke was:
Portrait of Nancy ParsonsNancy Parsons
Ida Smith
Nancy Parsons was:
Portrait of Nina AxelrodNina Axelrod
Nina Axelrod was:
Portrait of Wolfman JackWolfman Jack
Reverend Billy
Wolfman Jack was:
Portrait of Elaine JoyceElaine Joyce
Edith Olson
Elaine Joyce was:
Portrait of Monique St. PierreMonique St. Pierre
Monique St. Pierre was:
Portrait of John RatzenbergerJohn Ratzenberger
John Ratzenberger was:
Portrait of Gwil RichardsGwil Richards
Mr. Owens
Gwil Richards was:
Portrait of Toni GilmanToni Gilman
Mrs. Owens
Toni Gilman was:
Portrait of Margot HopeMargot Hope
Margot Hope was:
Portrait of Rosanne KatonRosanne Katon
Rosanne Katon was:
Portrait of Dick CurtisDick Curtis
Guy Robaire / TV Preacher
Dick Curtis was:
Portrait of E. Hampton BeagleE. Hampton Beagle
Bob Anderson
E. Hampton Beagle was:
Portrait of Everett CreachEverett Creach
Bo Tulinski
Everett Creach was:
Portrait of Michael MelvinMichael Melvin
Michael Melvin was:
Portrait of Marc SilverMarc Silver
Marc Silver was:
Portrait of Victoria HartmanVictoria Hartman
Female Terrible
Victoria Hartman was:
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