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You Can't Cheat an Honest Man

You Can't Cheat an Honest Man

Release Date: 1939-02-17 (82 years ago)
W.C. Fields
Larson E. Whipsnade
W.C. Fields was:
Edgar Bergen
The Great Edgar
Edgar Bergen was:
Constance Moore
Victoria Whipsnade
Constance Moore was:
John Arledge
Phineas Whipsnade
John Arledge was:
James Bush
Roger Bel-Goodie
James Bush was:
Thurston Hall
Mr. Archibald Bel-Goodie
Thurston Hall was:
Mary Forbes
Mrs. Bel-Goodie
Mary Forbes was:
Edward Brophy
Edward Brophy was:
Arthur Hohl
Arthur Hohl was:
Princess Baba
Princess Baba, The Great Edgar's Assistant
Princess Baba was:
Blacaman - The Lion Tamer
Blacaman was:
Eddie "Rochester" Anderson
Eddie "Rochester" Anderson was:
Mortimer Snerd
By Himself
Mortimer Snerd was:
Ernie Adams
Eddie - Circus Attendant
Ernie Adams was:
Dorothy Arnold
1st Debutante
Dorothy Arnold was:
Irving Bacon
Irving Bacon was:
Lulu Mae Bohrman
Wedding Guest
Lulu Mae Bohrman was:
Ralph Brooks
Wedding Guest
Ralph Brooks was:
Eddy Chandler
Highway Patrol Officer
Eddy Chandler was:
Dora Clement
Dora Clement was:
Jack Rube Clifford
Riding Master
Jack Rube Clifford was:
Richard Clucas
Little Boy
Richard Clucas was:
Charles Coleman
Robinson - Bel-Goodie's Butler
Charles Coleman was:
Evelyn Del Rio
Little Girl Who Cries
Evelyn Del Rio was:
Drew Demorest
Drew Demorest was:
Dick Dickinson
Dick Dickinson was:
Jan Duggan
Mrs. Sludge
Jan Duggan was:
Eddie Dunn
Eddie Dunn was:
Billy Engle
Circus Attendant
Billy Engle was:
Jack Gardner
Ticket Seller
Jack Gardner was:
Grace Goodall
Screaming Spinster / Wedding Guest
Grace Goodall was:
Jennifer Gray
3rd Debutante
Jennifer Gray was:
Bobby Hale
Circus Attendant
Bobby Hale was:
Ted Hardy
Russian Circus Performer
Ted Hardy was:
Sam Harris
Wedding Guest
Sam Harris was:
Leyland Hodgson
Leyland Hodgson was:
Otto Hoffman
Otto Hoffman was:
Lloyd Ingraham
Mayor / Wedding Guest
Lloyd Ingraham was:
Frank Jenks
Jerry - Assistant
Frank Jenks was:
Si Jenks
Si Jenks was:
Tiny Jones
Tiny Jones was:
Jack Kenney
Jack Kenney was:
Joe King
Joe King was:
Ivan Lebedeff
Ivan Lebedeff was:
Ethelreda Leopold
Blonde at Party
Ethelreda Leopold was:
Jimmie Lucas
Jimmie Lucas was:
Kathryn Marlowe
2nd Debutante
Kathryn Marlowe was:
Eric Mayne
Wedding Guest
Eric Mayne was:
Frank Melton
First Yokel
Frank Melton was:
Harold Miller
Party Guest
Harold Miller was:
Edmund Mortimer
Wedding Guest
Edmund Mortimer was:
James C. Morton
James C. Morton was:
Ray Moyer
Fire Eater
Ray Moyer was:
Byron Munson
Ping-Pong Player
Byron Munson was:
Charles Murphy
Lon - Roustabout
Charles Murphy was:
Frank O'Connor
Cop with Judge
Frank O'Connor was:
George Offerman, Jr.
Western Union Man
George Offerman, Jr. was:
David Oliver
Man Cheated at Window
David Oliver was:
George Ovey
Circus Attendant
George Ovey was:
Lee Phelps
Lee Phelps was:
June Preston
Little Blond Girl Singing and Dancing
June Preston was:
Ralph Sanford
Truck Driver
Ralph Sanford was:
Harry Stafford
Party Guest
Harry Stafford was:
Grady Sutton
Chester Dalrymple
Grady Sutton was:
Ferris Taylor
Deputy Sheriff
Ferris Taylor was:
Don Terry
Ping-Pong Player
Don Terry was:
Walter Tetley
Boy with Candy Cane
Walter Tetley was:
Edward Thomas
Bel-Goodie Butler
Edward Thomas was:
Lelah Tyler
Society Woman / Wedding Guest
Lelah Tyler was:
Minerva Urecal
Screaming Spinster at Circus
Minerva Urecal was:
Dale van Sickel
Wedding Guest
Dale van Sickel was:
Russell Wade
Wedding Guest
Russell Wade was:
Beryl Wallace
Beryl Wallace was:
Delmar Watson
Boy with Slingshot
Delmar Watson was:
Florence Wix
Wedding Guest
Florence Wix was:
Bill Wolfe
Ticket Buyer / Brentwood - World's Smallest Giant
Bill Wolfe was:
Edward Woolf
Thin Man
Edward Woolf was:
Bill Worth
Elwood - World's Largest Midget
Bill Worth was:
Arthur Yeoman
Arthur Yeoman was:
Duke York
Minor Role
Duke York was:
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