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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Moonlight on the Prairie

Moonlight on the Prairie

Release Date: 1935-11-02 (85 years ago)
Dick Foran
Ace Andrews
Dick Foran was:
Smoke was:
Sheila Bromley
Barbara Roberts
Sheila Bromley was:
George E. Stone
Small Change
George E. Stone was:
Joe Sawyer
Luke Thomas
Joe Sawyer was:
Joe King
Sheriff Jim
Joe King was:
Robert Barrat
Buck Cantrell
Robert Barrat was:
Dickie Jones
Dickie Roberts
Dickie Jones was:
Bill Elliott
Jeff Holt
Bill Elliott was:
Herbert Heywood
Pop Powell
Herbert Heywood was:
Raymond Brown
Stage agent
Raymond Brown was:
Milton Kibbee
Henchman Pete
Milton Kibbee was:
Earle Hodgins
Doc Cody
Earle Hodgins was:
Joan Barclay
Saloon Girl
Joan Barclay was:
Gene Alsace
Deputy Charlie
Gene Alsace was:
Roy Bucko
Roy Bucko was:
Glen Cavender
Cowboy #1 in Saloon
Glen Cavender was:
Buck Connors
White-Bearded Barfly
Buck Connors was:
Ben Corbett
Fired Henchman
Ben Corbett was:
Ronnie Cosby
Young Boy
Ronnie Cosby was:
Chester Gan
Barbara's Cook
Chester Gan was:
Sol Gorss
Saloon Cowboy #3
Sol Gorss was:
Al Haskell
Al Haskell was:
Jack Kirk
Henchman Rustling with Pete
Jack Kirk was:
Cactus Mack
Posse Member
Cactus Mack was:
Bud Osborne
Henchman Red
Bud Osborne was:
George Ovey
Short Saloon Cowboy
George Ovey was:
Paul Panzer
Townsman with Pop
Paul Panzer was:
Post Park
Post Park was:
Victor Potel
Tall Saloon Cowboy
Victor Potel was:
Sam Rice
Sam Rice was:
Marshall Ruth
Fat Saloon Cowboy
Marshall Ruth was:
Cliff Saum
Saloon Cowboy #2
Cliff Saum was:
Glenn Strange
Glenn Strange was:
Jim Thorpe
Jim Thorpe was:
Blackjack Ward
Blackjack Ward was:
Billy Wayne
Billy Wayne was:
Tom Wilson
Rodeo Cowboy
Tom Wilson was:
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