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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Badlands Of Dakota

Badlands Of Dakota

Release Date: 1941-09-15 (80 years ago)
Robert Stack
Jim Holliday
Robert Stack was:
Ann Rutherford
Anne Grayson
Ann Rutherford was:
Broderick Crawford
Bob Holliday
Broderick Crawford was:
Frances Farmer
Calamity Jane
Frances Farmer was:
Lon Chaney Jr.
Jack McCall
Lon Chaney Jr. was:
Richard Dix
James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok
Richard Dix was:
Andy Devine
Andy Devine was:
Hugh Herbert
Rocky Plummer
Hugh Herbert was:
Fuzzy Knight
Hurricane Harry
Fuzzy Knight was:
Bradley Page
Jesse Chapman
Bradley Page was:
Dwight Latham
Member, The Jesters
Dwight Latham was:
Walter Carlson
Member, The Jesters
Walter Carlson was:
Guy Bonham
Member, The Jesters
Guy Bonham was:
Addison Richards
Gen. George Custer
Addison Richards was:
Willie Fung
Wong Lee
Willie Fung was:
Richard Alexander
Coach Driver with Rifle
Richard Alexander was:
Don Barclay
Don Barclay was:
Robert Barron
Robert Barron was:
Hank Bell
Hank Bell was:
Al Bridge
Plainview Lawman
Al Bridge was:
Jean Brooks
Bella Union Girl
Jean Brooks was:
Paul Bryar
Paul Bryar was:
John L. Cason
John L. Cason was:
Rube Dalroy
Rube Dalroy was:
Harry Cording
Harry Cording was:
Eddie Dew
Eddie Dew was:
Jim Farley
Jim Farley was:
Edward Fielding
Edward Fielding was:
Samuel S. Hinds
Wilbur Grayson
Samuel S. Hinds was:
Charles King
Plainview Gunman
Charles King was:
Joe King
Ship's Captain
Joe King was:
Ethan Laidlaw
Ethan Laidlaw was:
Kermit Maynard
Poker Player
Kermit Maynard was:
Chuck Morrison
Chuck Morrison was:
Clinton Rosemond
Grayson's Butler
Clinton Rosemond was:
William Ruhl
Ship's Officer
William Ruhl was:
Carl Sepulveda
Carl Sepulveda was:
Glenn Strange
Bob Russell
Glenn Strange was:
Emmett Vogan
Emmett Vogan was:
Nolan Willis
Plainview Gunman
Nolan Willis was:
Carleton Young
Ben Mercer
Carleton Young was:
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