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Alexander's Ragtime Band

Alexander's Ragtime Band

Release Date: 1938-05-24 (83 years ago)
Tyrone Power
Alexander - Roger Grant
Tyrone Power was:
Alice Faye
Stella Kirby
Alice Faye was:
Don Ameche
Charlie Dwyer
Don Ameche was:
Ethel Merman
Jerry Allen
Ethel Merman was:
Jack Haley
Davey Lane
Jack Haley was:
Jean Hersholt
Prof. Heinrich
Jean Hersholt was:
Helen Westley
Aunt Sophie
Helen Westley was:
John Carradine
Speakeasy Doorman
John Carradine was:
Paul Hurst
Bill Mulligan
Paul Hurst was:
Wally Vernon
Wally Vernon
Wally Vernon was:
Ruth Terry
Ruth Terry was:
Douglas Fowley
Douglas Fowley was:
Chick Chandler
Chick Chandler was:
Eddie Collins
Corporal Collins
Eddie Collins was:
Joseph Crehan
Stage Manager
Joseph Crehan was:
Robert Gleckler
Robert Gleckler was:
Dixie Dunbar
Dixie Dunbar was:
Joe King
Charles Dillingham
Joe King was:
Charles Coleman
Head Waiter
Charles Coleman was:
Stanley Andrews
Stanley Andrews was:
Charles Williams
Charles Williams was:
Jane Jones
Trio Member
Jane Jones was:
Otto Fries
Trio Member
Otto Fries was:
Mel Kalish
Trio Member
Mel Kalish was:
Selmer Jackson
Manager Radio Station
Selmer Jackson was:
A.S. Byron
Train Conductor (uncredited)
A.S. Byron was:
Lon Chaney Jr.
Lon Chaney Jr. was:
James Flavin
Army Captain (uncredited)
James Flavin was:
Eddie Hall
Man on Train (uncredited)
Eddie Hall was:
Frank O'Connor
Officer in Army Show Audience (uncredited)
Frank O'Connor was:
Marjorie Woodworth
Baton Specialty (uncredited)
Marjorie Woodworth was:
Jack Pennick
Drill Sergeant
Jack Pennick was:
Rondo Hatton
Rondo Hatton was:
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