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Afraid to Talk

Afraid to Talk

Release Date: 1932-12-01 (88 years ago)
Eric Linden
Eddie Martin
Eric Linden was:
Sidney Fox
Peggy Martin
Sidney Fox was:
Tully Marshall
District Attorney. Anderson
Tully Marshall was:
Louis Calhern
Asst. District Attorney John Wade
Louis Calhern was:
George Meeker
Lenny Collins
George Meeker was:
Robert Warwick
Jake Stranskey
Robert Warwick was:
Berton Churchill
Mayor William 'Billy' Manning
Berton Churchill was:
Edward Arnold
Jig Skelli
Edward Arnold was:
Mayo Methot
Marge Winters
Mayo Methot was:
Matt McHugh
Joe Skelli
Matt McHugh was:
Joyce Compton
Alice - Party Girl
Joyce Compton was:
King Baggot
Police Officer (uncredited)
King Baggot was:
Walter Brennan
Protester Sign Carrier (uncredited)
Walter Brennan was:
Lita Chevret
Molly (uncredited)
Lita Chevret was:
Dorothy Granger
Kippie - Party Girl (uncredited)
Dorothy Granger was:
Ben Taggart
Detective Burke (uncredited)
Ben Taggart was:
Thomas E. Jackson
Deputy Benchley
Thomas E. Jackson was:
Frank Sheridan
Police Commissioner Garvey
Frank Sheridan was:
Ian Maclaren
Chief Frank Hyers
Ian Maclaren was:
Gustav von Seyffertitz
Attorney Harry Berger
Gustav von Seyffertitz was:
Reginald Barlow
Judge MacMurray
Reginald Barlow was:
Edward Martindel
Major Jamison
Edward Martindel was:
John Ince
Bill (detective)
John Ince was:
George Chandler
Pete (bellhop)
George Chandler was:
Arthur Housman
Archie (drunk)
Arthur Housman was:
Joe Bonomo
Party Guest
Joe Bonomo was:
Lynton Brent
Wade's Secretary
Lynton Brent was:
Ralph Brooks
Ralph Brooks was:
Thomas Carrigan
Thomas Carrigan was:
G. Pat Collins
Detective Archie Quinn
G. Pat Collins was:
Kernan Cripps
Arresting Detective
Kernan Cripps was:
Jack Dougherty
Third-Degree Detective
Jack Dougherty was:
Jimmie Dundee
Cab Driver
Jimmie Dundee was:
James Eagles
Sam - Bellhop
James Eagles was:
Jim Farley
Police Sergeant
Jim Farley was:
William Farrel
Third-Degree Detective #1
William Farrel was:
Olin Francis
Prison Hospital Guard
Olin Francis was:
Clarence Geldart
Third-Degree Doctor
Clarence Geldart was:
Charles Giblyn
Charles Giblyn was:
Huntley Gordon
Huntley Gordon was:
Julia Griffith
Dignitary on Dais
Julia Griffith was:
Pat Harmon
Prison Patient
Pat Harmon was:
Robert Homans
Bill McGuire - Third-Degree Detective
Robert Homans was:
Perry Ivins
Unemployed Man
Perry Ivins was:
Gladden James
Gladden James was:
Lew Kelly
Lew Kelly was:
William J. Kelly
Third-Degree Detective
William J. Kelly was:
Colin Kenny
Dignitary on Dais
Colin Kenny was:
Fred Kohler Jr.
Max - Elevator Operator
Fred Kohler Jr. was:
Lew Meehan
Jail Official
Lew Meehan was:
Monte Montague
Monte Montague was:
Frances Morris
Miss Sheridan - Nurse
Frances Morris was:
Robert Morris
Third-Degree Detective #2
Robert Morris was:
Lee Phelps
Taxi Driver
Lee Phelps was:
Alexander Pollard
Party Waiter
Alexander Pollard was:
Hal Price
Arresting Detective
Hal Price was:
Lorin Raker
Lorin Raker was:
Jack Richardson
Jack Richardson was:
Cliff Saum
Protester with Sign
Cliff Saum was:
Philip Sleeman
Prison Patient
Philip Sleeman was:
Emma Tansey
Old Lady
Emma Tansey was:
Harry Tenbrook
Spike - Henchman
Harry Tenbrook was:
Edward Thomas
Edward Thomas was:
William Wagner
William Wagner was:
Allen Wood
Allen Wood was:
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