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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Ready, Willing and Able

Ready, Willing and Able

Release Date: 1937-03-06 (83 years ago)
Ruby Keeler
Ruby Keeler was:
Lee Dixon
Pinky Blair
Lee Dixon was:
Allen Jenkins
J. Van Courtland
Allen Jenkins was:
Louise Fazenda
Clara Heineman
Louise Fazenda was:
Ross Alexander
Barry Granville
Ross Alexander was:
Carol Hughes
Carol Hughes was:
Hugh O'Connell
Truman Hardy
Hugh O'Connell was:
Wini Shaw
Jane Clarke
Wini Shaw was:
Teddy Hart
Yip Nolan
Teddy Hart was:
Jane Wyman
Jane Wyman was:
Addison Richards
Edward McNeil
Addison Richards was:
Al Shaw
Moving Man
Al Shaw was:
Sam Lee
Moving Man
Sam Lee was:
E. E. Clive
Sir Samuel Buffington
E. E. Clive was:
May Boley
Mrs. Beadle
May Boley was:
Charles Halton
Charles Halton was:
Adrian Rosley
Adrian Rosley was:
Lillian Kemble-Cooper
Mrs. Buffington
Lillian Kemble-Cooper was:
Barnett Parker
Barnett Parker was:
William Arnold
Customs Agent
William Arnold was:
Herbert Ashley
Stage Doorman
Herbert Ashley was:
George Beranger
George Beranger was:
Elsa Buchanan
Maid at Party
Elsa Buchanan was:
Virginia Dabney
Virginia Dabney was:
Sol Gorss
Sol Gorss was:
Al Herman
Tenant with Shaving Cream
Al Herman was:
Harry Jackson
Piano Player
Harry Jackson was:
Dickie Jones
Dickie Jones was:
Milton Kibbee
Milton Kibbee was:
Ethelreda Leopold
Blonde in Balcony at Show's Opening
Ethelreda Leopold was:
Carlyle Moore Jr.
Reporter on Dock
Carlyle Moore Jr. was:
Dennis Moore
Reporter at Party
Dennis Moore was:
Hal Neiman
Hal Neiman was:
Gertrude Pedlar
Elderly Lady in Hallway
Gertrude Pedlar was:
Thomas Pogue
Ship's Captain
Thomas Pogue was:
Cliff Saum
Yip's Assistant
Cliff Saum was:
Jeffrey Sayre
Reporter at Party
Jeffrey Sayre was:
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink
Ferdinand Schumann-Heink was:
Myrtle Stedman
Junior's Mother
Myrtle Stedman was:
Joan Valerie
Switchboard Operator
Joan Valerie was:
Bobby Watson
Bobby Watson was:
Leo White
Leo White was:
William Worthington
Elderly Man in Hallway
William Worthington was:
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