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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

A Life of Her Own

A Life of Her Own

Release Date: 1950-09-01 (70 years ago)
Lana Turner
Lily Brannel James
Lana Turner was:
Ray Milland
Steve Harleigh
Ray Milland was:
Tom Ewell
Tom Caraway
Tom Ewell was:
Louis Calhern
Jim Leversoe
Louis Calhern was:
Ann Dvorak
Mary Ashlon
Ann Dvorak was:
Barry Sullivan
Lee Gorrance
Barry Sullivan was:
Margaret Phillips
Nora Harleigh
Margaret Phillips was:
Jean Hagen
Maggie Collins
Jean Hagen was:
Phyllis Kirk
Phyllis Kirk was:
Sara Haden
Sara Haden was:
Hermes Pan
Specialty Dancer
Hermes Pan was:
Dorothy Abbott
Model (uncredited)
Dorothy Abbott was:
Tom Bernard
Adam (uncredited)
Tom Bernard was:
Whit Bissell
Rental Agent (uncredited)
Whit Bissell was:
Marlo Dwyer
Birthday Party Guest (uncredited)
Marlo Dwyer was:
Bess Flowers
Cocktail Lounge Patron (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
Kathleen Freeman
Switchboard Operator at Betsy Ross Hotel (uncredited)
Kathleen Freeman was:
Beverly Garland
Party Guest (uncredited)
Beverly Garland was:
Glen Gregory
Ventriloquist (uncredited)
Glen Gregory was:
Percy Helton
Hamburger Proprietor (uncredited)
Percy Helton was:
Queenie Leonard
Hotel Matron (uncredited)
Queenie Leonard was:
Sarah Padden
Betsy Ross Hotel Overseer (uncredited)
Sarah Padden was:
Ann Robinson
Woman Showing Legs (uncredited)
Ann Robinson was:
Dorothy Tree
Caraway Secretary (uncredited)
Dorothy Tree was:
Lurene Tuttle
Secretary (uncredited)
Lurene Tuttle was:
Joan Valerie
Party Guest (uncredited)
Joan Valerie was:
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