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Release Date: 1955-01-29 (65 years ago)
Simone Signoret
Nicole Horner
Simone Signoret was:
Véra Clouzot
Christina Delassalle
Véra Clouzot was:
Paul Meurisse
Michel Delassalle
Paul Meurisse was:
Charles Vanel
Alfred Fichet, commissioner
Charles Vanel was:
Pierre Larquey
Mr. Drain, professor
Pierre Larquey was:
Michel Serrault
Mr. Raymond, supervisor
Michel Serrault was:
Jean Brochard
Plantiveau, caretaker
Jean Brochard was:
Noël Roquevert
Mr. Herboux
Noël Roquevert was:
Georges Chamarat
Dr. Loisy
Georges Chamarat was:
Thérèse Dorny
Mrs. Herboux
Thérèse Dorny was:
Jean Témerson
Jean Témerson was:
Jacques Hilling
Employee of the morgue
Jacques Hilling was:
Robert Dalban
Garage Owner
Robert Dalban was:
Jacques Varennes
Mr. Bridoux, professor
Jacques Varennes was:
Yves-Marie Maurin
Moynet, student
Yves-Marie Maurin was:
Georges Poujouly
Soudieu, student
Georges Poujouly was:
Jean Lefebvre
Robert, soldier
Jean Lefebvre was:
Camille Guérini
Camille Guérini was:
Madeleine Suffel
Degreaser (uncredited)
Madeleine Suffel was:
Henri Coutet
Employee of the morgue (uncredited)
Henri Coutet was:
Henri Humbert
Patard, student (uncredited)
Henri Humbert was:
Michel Dumur
Ritberger, student (uncredited)
Michel Dumur was:
Jean-Pierre Bonnefous
De Gascuel, student (uncredited)
Jean-Pierre Bonnefous was:
Jean Clarieux
Taxi driver (uncredited)
Jean Clarieux was:
Christian Brocard
Man in the morgue (uncredited)
Christian Brocard was:
Johnny Hallyday
Student (uncredited)
Johnny Hallyday was:
Jimmy Urbain
Student (uncredited)
Jimmy Urbain was:
Zappy Max
Himself (voice) (uncredited)
Zappy Max was:
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