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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Border Brigands

Border Brigands

Release Date: 1935-05-31 (86 years ago)
Buck Jones
Sergeant Buck Barry, RCMP
Buck Jones was:
Lona Andre
Lona Andre was:
Fred Kohler
Captain Conyda
Fred Kohler was:
Frank Rice
Rocky O'Leary, RCMP
Frank Rice was:
Hank Bell
Henchman Sisk
Hank Bell was:
Edward Keane
Inspector Jim Barry, RCMP
Edward Keane was:
J.P. McGowan
Inspector Winston - RCMP
J.P. McGowan was:
Gertrude Astor
Big Six -Saloon Girl
Gertrude Astor was:
Buck's Horse
Silver was:
Ralph Bucko
Ralph Bucko was:
Jim Corey
Jailed Henchman
Jim Corey was:
Rube Dalroy
Rube Dalroy was:
Frank Ellis
Frank Ellis was:
Billy Franey
Man Outside Bank
Billy Franey was:
J. Frank Glendon
Mountie at Jail
J. Frank Glendon was:
Lew Meehan
Jailed Henchman
Lew Meehan was:
Buck Moulton
Jailed Henchman
Buck Moulton was:
Charles Murphy
Charles Murphy was:
George Sowards
George Sowards was:
Arthur Thalasso
2nd Bartender
Arthur Thalasso was:
Robert Walker
Robert Walker was:
Slim Whitaker
Slig - Bank Robbery Henchman
Slim Whitaker was:
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