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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Apple Dumpling Gang

The Apple Dumpling Gang

Release Date: Tuesday, July 1 1975 (47 years ago)
Portrait of Don KnottsDon Knotts
Theodore Ogelvie
Don Knotts was:
Portrait of Tim ConwayTim Conway
Amos Tucker
Tim Conway was:
Portrait of Harry MorganHarry Morgan
Homer McCoy
Harry Morgan was:
Portrait of Bill BixbyBill Bixby
Russel Donavan
Bill Bixby was:
Portrait of Susan ClarkSusan Clark
Magnolia Dusty Clydesdale
Susan Clark was:
Portrait of David WayneDavid Wayne
T.R. Clydesdale
David Wayne was:
Portrait of Slim PickensSlim Pickens
Frank Stillwell
Slim Pickens was:
Portrait of John McGiverJohn McGiver
Leonard Sharpe
John McGiver was:
Portrait of Don KnightDon Knight
John Wintle
Don Knight was:
Portrait of Clay O'BrienClay O'Brien
Bobby Bradley
Clay O'Brien was:
Portrait of Brad SavageBrad Savage
Clovis Bradley
Brad Savage was:
Portrait of Dennis FimpleDennis Fimple
Rudy Hooks
Dennis Fimple was:
Portrait of Iris AdrianIris Adrian
Poker Polly
Iris Adrian was:
Portrait of Fran RyanFran Ryan
Mrs. Stockley
Fran Ryan was:
Portrait of Bing RussellBing Russell
Herm Dally
Bing Russell was:
Portrait of Olan SouleOlan Soule
Rube Cluck
Olan Soule was:
Portrait of Richard Lee-SungRichard Lee-Sung
Oh So
Richard Lee-Sung was:
Portrait of Dick WinslowDick Winslow
Slippery Sid
Dick Winslow was:
Portrait of Richard FarnsworthRichard Farnsworth
Richard Farnsworth was:
Portrait of Jim BolesJim Boles
Easy Archie
Jim Boles was:
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