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Release Date: 1981-11-13 (39 years ago)
Dan Monahan
Pee Wee
Dan Monahan was:
Mark Herrier
Mark Herrier was:
Wyatt Knight
Wyatt Knight was:
Cyril O'Reilly
Cyril O'Reilly was:
Kaki Hunter
Kaki Hunter was:
Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall was:
Tony Ganios
Tony Ganios was:
Art Hindle
Ted Jarvis
Art Hindle was:
Doug McGrath
Coach Warren
Doug McGrath was:
Susan Clark
Cherry Forever
Susan Clark was:
Nancy Parsons
Nancy Parsons was:
Alex Karras
Sheriff Wallace
Alex Karras was:
Roger Wilson
Roger Wilson was:
Scott Colomby
Brian Schwartz
Scott Colomby was:
Boyd Gaines
Coach Brackett
Boyd Gaines was:
Wayne Maunder
Wayne Maunder was:
Chuck Mitchell
Chuck Mitchell was:
Eric Christmas
Mr. Carter
Eric Christmas was:
Bill Hindman
Coach Goodenough
Bill Hindman was:
John Henry Redwood
John Henry Redwood was:
Jack Mulcahy
Jack Mulcahy was:
Rod Ball
Rod Ball was:
Allene Simmons
Allene Simmons was:
Julian Byrd
Cop no. 1
Julian Byrd was:
Bill Fuller
Cop no. 2
Bill Fuller was:
Will Knickerbocker
Will Knickerbocker was:
Bill Wohrman
Ted's Partner
Bill Wohrman was:
Roger Womack
Bouncer no. 2
Roger Womack was:
Gary Maas
Deputy no. 2
Gary Maas was:
Ilse Earl
Mrs. Morris
Ilse Earl was:
Jill Whitlow
Jill Whitlow was:
Pat Finn-Lee
Pat Finn-Lee was:
Terry Guthrie
Miss Walker
Terry Guthrie was:
Joanne Marsic
Joanne Marsic was:
Peter Conrad
Mule Train Driver
Peter Conrad was:
Butch Raymond
Deputy no. 1
Butch Raymond was:
Cash Baron
Bouncer no. 1
Cash Baron was:
Cash Spadard
Bouncer no. 3
Cash Spadard was:
Lisa O'Reilly
Lisa O'Reilly was:
Cathy Garpershak
Girl in Shower
Cathy Garpershak was:
Jon Cecka
Markin Highpockets
Jon Cecka was:
Don Daynard
Radio Announcer
Don Daynard was:
Maxine Wasa
Cheerleader (uncredited)
Maxine Wasa was:
Carl Zittrer
Piano Player at Porky's (uncredited)
Carl Zittrer was:
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