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Release Date: 1980-07-02 (41 years ago)
Robert Hays
Ted Striker
Robert Hays was:
Julie Hagerty
Elaine Dickinson
Julie Hagerty was:
Leslie Nielsen
Dr. Rumack
Leslie Nielsen was:
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Roger Murdock
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was:
Lloyd Bridges
Steve McCroskey
Lloyd Bridges was:
Peter Graves
Captain Clarence Oveur
Peter Graves was:
Lorna Patterson
Lorna Patterson was:
Robert Stack
Captain Rex Kramer
Robert Stack was:
Jim Abrahams
Religious Zealot #6
Jim Abrahams was:
Jonathan Banks
Jonathan Banks was:
Stephen Stucker
Johnny Henshaw-Jacobs
Stephen Stucker was:
Frank Ashmore
Victor Basta
Frank Ashmore was:
Craig Berenson
Paul Carey
Craig Berenson was:
Barbara Billingsley
Jive Lady
Barbara Billingsley was:
Lee Bryant
Mrs. Hammen
Lee Bryant was:
Joyce Bulifant
Mrs. Davis
Joyce Bulifant was:
Mae E. Campbell
Security Lady
Mae E. Campbell was:
Ethel Merman
Lieutenant Hurwitz
Ethel Merman was:
Jimmie Walker
Windshield Wiper Man
Jimmie Walker was:
Jill Whelan
Lisa Davis
Jill Whelan was:
Nora Meerbaum
Cocaine Lady
Nora Meerbaum was:
Kenneth Tobey
Air Controller Neubauer
Kenneth Tobey was:
James Hong
Japanese General
James Hong was:
Michelle Stacy
Young Girl with Coffee
Michelle Stacy was:
David Leisure
First Krishna
David Leisure was:
Ann Nelson
Hanging Lady
Ann Nelson was:
Al White
Second Jive Dude
Al White was:
Nicholas Pryor
Mr. Hammen
Nicholas Pryor was:
Cyril O'Reilly
Cyril O'Reilly was:
Ted Chapman
Airport Steward
Ted Chapman was:
Jesse Emmett
Man from India
Jesse Emmett was:
Norman Alexander Gibbs
First Jive Dude
Norman Alexander Gibbs was:
Amy Gibson
Soldier's Girl
Amy Gibson was:
Marcy Goldman
Mrs. Geline
Marcy Goldman was:
Bob Gorman
Striped Controller
Bob Gorman was:
Rossie Harris
Rossie Harris was:
Maurice Hill
Reporter #3
Maurice Hill was:
David Hollander
Young Boy with Coffee
David Hollander was:
Howard Honig
Howard Honig was:
Gregory Itzin
Religious Zealot #1
Gregory Itzin was:
Howard Jarvis
Man in Taxi
Howard Jarvis was:
Michael Laurence
Michael Laurence was:
Zachary Lewis
Religious Zealot #3
Zachary Lewis was:
Barbara Mallory
Religious Zealot #2
Barbara Mallory was:
Maureen McGovern
Maureen McGovern was:
Mary Mercier
Mary Mercier was:
Len Mooy
Reporter #1
Len Mooy was:
Laura Nix
Mrs. Hurwitz
Laura Nix was:
John O'Leary
Reporter #2
John O'Leary was:
Bill Porter
Hospital Contortionist
Bill Porter was:
Conrad E. Palmisano
Religious Zealot #4
Conrad E. Palmisano was:
Mallory Sandler
L.A. Ticket Agent
Mallory Sandler was:
Robert Starr
Religious Zealot #5
Robert Starr was:
Barbara Stuart
Mrs. Kramer
Barbara Stuart was:
Lee Terri
Mrs. Oveur
Lee Terri was:
William Tregoe
Jack Kirkpatrick
William Tregoe was:
Hatsuo Uda
Japanese Newscaster
Hatsuo Uda was:
Herb Voland
Air Controller Macias
Herb Voland was:
John David Wilder
Second Krishna
John David Wilder was:
Windy was:
Jason Wingreen
Dr. Brody
Jason Wingreen was:
Louise Yaffe
Mrs. Jaffe
Louise Yaffe was:
Charlotte Zucker
Make-up Lady
Charlotte Zucker was:
David Zucker
Ground Crewman #2
David Zucker was:
Jerry Zucker
Ground Crewman #1
Jerry Zucker was:
Kitten Natividad
Bouncy Topless Woman on Plane (uncredited)
Kitten Natividad was:
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