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Poster of The Trouble with Angels

The Trouble with Angels

Release Date: Tuesday, March 29 1966 (56 years ago)
Portrait of Hayley MillsHayley Mills
Mary Clancy
Hayley Mills was:
Portrait of June HardingJune Harding
Rachel Devery
June Harding was:
Portrait of Rosalind RussellRosalind Russell
Mother Superior
Rosalind Russell was:
Portrait of Binnie BarnesBinnie Barnes
Sister Celestine
Binnie Barnes was:
Portrait of Camilla SparvCamilla Sparv
Sister Constance
Camilla Sparv was:
Portrait of Mary WickesMary Wickes
Sister Clarissa
Mary Wickes was:
Portrait of Marge RedmondMarge Redmond
Sister Liguori
Marge Redmond was:
Portrait of Dolores SuttonDolores Sutton
Sister Rose Marie
Dolores Sutton was:
Portrait of Margalo GillmoreMargalo Gillmore
Sister Barbara
Margalo Gillmore was:
Portrait of Portia NelsonPortia Nelson
Sister Elizabeth
Portia Nelson was:
Portrait of Marjorie EatonMarjorie Eaton
Sister Ursula
Marjorie Eaton was:
Portrait of Barbara Bell WrightBarbara Bell Wright
Sister Margaret
Barbara Bell Wright was:
Portrait of Judith LowryJudith Lowry
Sister Prudence
Judith Lowry was:
Portrait of Barbara HunterBarbara Hunter
Barbara Hunter was:
Portrait of Bernadette WithersBernadette Withers
Bernadette Withers was:
Portrait of Vicky AlbrightVicky Albright
Vicky Albright was:
Portrait of Patty Ann GerrityPatty Ann Gerrity
Patty Ann Gerrity was:
Portrait of Vicki DravesVicki Draves
Vicki Draves was:
Portrait of Wendy WinkelmanWendy Winkelman
Wendy Winkelman was:
Portrait of Jewel JaffeJewel Jaffe
Jewel Jaffe was:
Portrait of Gail LiddleGail Liddle
Gail Liddle was:
Portrait of Michael-MarieMichael-Marie
Michael-Marie was:
Portrait of Betty Jane RoyaleBetty Jane Royale
Betty Jane Royale was:
Portrait of Ronne TroupRonne Troup
Ronne Troup was:
Portrait of Catherine WylesCatherine Wyles
Catherine Wyles was:
Portrait of Gypsy Rose LeeGypsy Rose Lee
Mrs. Mabel Dowling Phipps
Gypsy Rose Lee was:
Portrait of Jim BolesJim Boles
Mr. Gottschalk
Jim Boles was:
Portrait of Kent SmithKent Smith
Uncle George Clancy
Kent Smith was:
Portrait of Pat McCaffriePat McCaffrie
Mr. Devery
Pat McCaffrie was:
Portrait of Harry HarveyHarry Harvey
Mr. Grisson
Harry Harvey was:
Portrait of Mary YoungMary Young
Mrs. Eldridge
Mary Young was:
Portrait of Jim HuttonJim Hutton
Mr. Petrie (uncredited)
Jim Hutton was:
Portrait of Mews SmallMews Small
Nun (uncredited)
Mews Small was:
Portrait of Madge BlakeMadge Blake
Meddling Train Passenger
Madge Blake was:
Portrait of Jesslyn FaxJesslyn Fax
Retirement Home Resident
Jesslyn Fax was:
Portrait of Kathryn MinnerKathryn Minner
Kathryn Minner was:
Portrait of Mews SmallMews Small
Mews Small was:
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