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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Doctor Dolittle

Doctor Dolittle

Release Date: Tuesday, December 5 1967 (54 years ago)
Portrait of Rex HarrisonRex Harrison
Dr. John Dolittle
Rex Harrison was:
Portrait of Samantha EggarSamantha Eggar
Emma Fairfax
Samantha Eggar was:
Portrait of Anthony NewleyAnthony Newley
Matthew Mugg
Anthony Newley was:
Portrait of Richard AttenboroughRichard Attenborough
Albert Blossom
Richard Attenborough was:
Portrait of Peter BullPeter Bull
General Bellowes
Peter Bull was:
Portrait of Muriel LandersMuriel Landers
Mrs. Blossom
Muriel Landers was:
Portrait of William DixWilliam Dix
Tommy Stubbins
William Dix was:
Portrait of Geoffrey HolderGeoffrey Holder
William Shakespeare X
Geoffrey Holder was:
Portrait of Portia NelsonPortia Nelson
Sarah Dolittle
Portia Nelson was:
Portrait of Norma VardenNorma Varden
Lady Fetherington
Norma Varden was:
Portrait of Frank BakerFrank Baker
Trial Spectator (uncredited)
Frank Baker was:
Portrait of Edward CastEdward Cast
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Edward Cast was:
Portrait of Phyllis CoghlanPhyllis Coghlan
Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Phyllis Coghlan was:
Portrait of Robert ColeRobert Cole
Roustabout (uncredited)
Robert Cole was:
Portrait of Cyril CrossCyril Cross
Charlie (uncredited)
Cyril Cross was:
Portrait of Peter CrowcroftPeter Crowcroft
Assistant Judge (uncredited)
Peter Crowcroft was:
Portrait of John DolanJohn Dolan
Fisherman (uncredited)
John Dolan was:
Portrait of Jesslyn FaxJesslyn Fax
Old Woman (uncredited)
Jesslyn Fax was:
Portrait of Arthur Gould-PorterArthur Gould-Porter
Sir Rupert (uncredited)
Arthur Gould-Porter was:
Portrait of Eric HeathEric Heath
Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Eric Heath was:
Portrait of Lars HensenLars Hensen
Minor Role (uncredited)
Lars Hensen was:
Portrait of Kendrick HuxhamKendrick Huxham
Elderly Man (uncredited)
Kendrick Huxham was:
Portrait of Theron JacksonTheron Jackson
Boy (uncredited)
Theron Jackson was:
Portrait of Queenie LeonardQueenie Leonard
Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Queenie Leonard was:
Portrait of Frank RadcliffeFrank Radcliffe
Strong Man (uncredited)
Frank Radcliffe was:
Portrait of Jack RaineJack Raine
Vicar (uncredited)
Jack Raine was:
Portrait of Danny ReesDanny Rees
Juggler (uncredited)
Danny Rees was:
Portrait of Angelo RossittoAngelo Rossitto
Dwarf (uncredited)
Angelo Rossitto was:
Portrait of RufusRufus
Dog (uncredited)
Rufus was:
Portrait of Ted StanhopeTed Stanhope
Assistant Judge (uncredited)
Ted Stanhope was:
Portrait of Geoffrey SteeleGeoffrey Steele
Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)
Geoffrey Steele was:
Portrait of Gilchrist StuartGilchrist Stuart
The Vicar (uncredited)
Gilchrist Stuart was:
Portrait of Ginny TylerGinny Tyler
Polynesia (voice) (uncredited)
Ginny Tyler was:
Portrait of Bob WintersBob Winters
Juggler (uncredited)
Bob Winters was:
Portrait of Judy ChapmanJudy Chapman
Dancer (uncredited)
Judy Chapman was:
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