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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Good-bye Cruel World

Good-bye Cruel World

Release Date: Sunday, January 2 1982 (39 years ago)
Portrait of Dick ShawnDick Shawn
Rodney Pointsetter / Ainsley Pointsetter
Dick Shawn was:
Portrait of Cynthia SikesCynthia Sikes
Cynthia Sikes was:
Portrait of Pierre JalbertPierre Jalbert
Pierre Jalbert was:
Portrait of Pamela BrullPamela Brull
Pamela Brull was:
Portrait of LaWanda PageLaWanda Page
LaWanda Page was:
Portrait of Marius MazmanianMarius Mazmanian
Rabbi Bandini
Marius Mazmanian was:
Portrait of Priscilla PointerPriscilla Pointer
Priscilla Pointer was:
Portrait of Chuck MitchellChuck Mitchell
Larry Locatelli
Chuck Mitchell was:
Portrait of Darrell LarsonDarrell Larson
Darrell Larson was:
Portrait of John AldermanJohn Alderman
John Alderman was:
Portrait of Buckley NorrisBuckley Norris
T.V. Director
Buckley Norris was:
Portrait of Jessie Lawrence FergusonJessie Lawrence Ferguson
Rev. Mike
Jessie Lawrence Ferguson was:
Portrait of Barbara PilavinBarbara Pilavin
Mme. Carnova
Barbara Pilavin was:
Portrait of Brad HarrisBrad Harris
Brad Harris was:
Portrait of Jim HackettJim Hackett
Jim Hackett was:
Portrait of Angelique PettyjohnAngelique Pettyjohn
Dancing Nun
Angelique Pettyjohn was:
Portrait of Lynn HancockLynn Hancock
Martha - JoyCrotch Jeans Woman
Lynn Hancock was:
Portrait of Nathan RobertsNathan Roberts
Harry Speck
Nathan Roberts was:
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