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Watch Your Back, Professor!

Watch Your Back, Professor!

Release Date: 1977-08-19 (44 years ago)
Ulf Pilgaard
Professor Oscar Latour / Gert Latour
Ulf Pilgaard was:
Lisbet Lundquist
Lisbet Lundquist was:
Bjørn Puggaard-Müller
Cecilie's Father
Bjørn Puggaard-Müller was:
Lily Broberg
Cecilie's Mother
Lily Broberg was:
Jørgen Buckhøj
Anders Gløk-Jensen
Jørgen Buckhøj was:
Helle Virkner
Fru Andersen
Helle Virkner was:
Ove Verner Hansen
Ove Verner Hansen was:
Karl Stegger
Karl Stegger was:
Henning Palner
Henning Palner was:
Kirsten Walther
Kerstin's Mother
Kirsten Walther was:
Poul Reichhardt
Poul Reichhardt was:
Vera Gebuhr
Husholdersken Trunte
Vera Gebuhr was:
Ghita Nørby
Madame Natasha
Ghita Nørby was:
Karen Lykkehus
Tante Anna
Karen Lykkehus was:
Michael Lindvad
Agent i gul frakke
Michael Lindvad was:
Denise Lee Dann
Agentens ledsager
Denise Lee Dann was:
Vivian Lee Dann
Agentens ledsager
Vivian Lee Dann was:
Gerda Gilboe
Gløk-Jensens sekretær
Gerda Gilboe was:
Ulla Jessen
Indehaver af massageklinik
Ulla Jessen was:
Birte Stenbak
Birte Stenbak was:
Gertie Jung
Gertie Jung was:
Nellie Crump
Nellie Crump was:
Otto Brandenburg
Otto Brandenburg was:
Birgitte Federspiel
Ægtepar i kunstforretning / kone
Birgitte Federspiel was:
Holger Juul Hansen
Ægtepar i kunstforretning / mand
Holger Juul Hansen was:
Jørgen Kiil
Medicinsk professor
Jørgen Kiil was:
Puk Schaufuss
Puk Schaufuss was:
Ove Rud
Ove Rud was:
Kirsten Peüliche
Rektors sekretær
Kirsten Peüliche was:
Kirsten Rolffes
Sekretær på Slavisk Institut
Kirsten Rolffes was:
Beatrice Palner
Vred nonne
Beatrice Palner was:
Lene Brøndum
Lene Brøndum was:
Pia Jondal
Pia Jondal was:
Jannie Faurschou
Jannie Faurschou was:
Merete Arnstrøm
Merete Arnstrøm was:
Torben Bille
(Russisk) Håndlanger
Torben Bille was:
Sven-Ole Thorsen
(Russisk) Håndlanger
Sven-Ole Thorsen was:
Sejr Volmer-Sørensen
Sejr Volmer-Sørensen was:
Ove Sprogøe
Konkurrerende redaktør
Ove Sprogøe was:
Lizzie Corfixen
Pige i kollektiv
Lizzie Corfixen was:
Anne Fletting
Pige i kollektiv
Anne Fletting was:
Hanne Lyngfeldt
Pige i kollektiv
Hanne Lyngfeldt was:
Marianne Winther
Pige i kollektiv
Marianne Winther was:
Antonia Lauritzen
Antonia Lauritzen was:
Ditte Maria
Pige i kollektiv
Ditte Maria was:
Fritz Brun
Fritz Brun was:
Gotha Andersen
Gotha Andersen was:
Tanaka Kumio
Tanaka Kumio was:
Holger Vistisen
Holger Vistisen was:
Lise Schrøder
Lise Schrøder was:
Ebba With
Ebba With was:
Asta Esper Hagen Andersen
Asta Esper Hagen Andersen was:
Jørgen Reenberg
Jørgen Reenberg was:
Jens Okking
Jens Okking was:
Valsø Holm
Valsø Holm was:
Pernille Grumme
Margit, O.C.'s sekretær
Pernille Grumme was:
Jesper Christensen
Jesper Christensen was:
Mogens Berger
Mogens Berger was:
Henrik Larsen
Henrik Larsen was:
Ulla Asbjørn Andersen
Ulla Asbjørn Andersen was:
Axel Strøbye
Axel Strøbye was:
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