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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

Release Date: 2013-12-25 (7 years ago)
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Charlotte Gainsbourg was:
Stellan Skarsgård
Stellan Skarsgård was:
Stacy Martin
Young Joe
Stacy Martin was:
Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf was:
Christian Slater
Joe's Father
Christian Slater was:
Uma Thurman
Mrs. H
Uma Thurman was:
Sophie Kennedy Clark
Sophie Kennedy Clark was:
Connie Nielsen
Joe's Mother
Connie Nielsen was:
Ananya Berg
Joe - 10 Years
Ananya Berg was:
Jens Albinus
Jens Albinus was:
Anders Hove
Anders Hove was:
Simon Böer
Man Uninterested
Simon Böer was:
Felicity Gilbert
Felicity Gilbert was:
Clayton Nemrow
Married Man on Train
Clayton Nemrow was:
James Northcote
Young Lad 1 on Train
James Northcote was:
Saskia Reeves
Saskia Reeves was:
Cyron Melville
Cyron Melville was:
Hugo Speer
Mr. H
Hugo Speer was:
Jesper Christensen
Jerôme's Uncle
Jesper Christensen was:
Peter Gilbert Cotton
Doctor 1
Peter Gilbert Cotton was:
Nicolas Bro
Nicolas Bro was:
Christian Gade Bjerrum
Christian Gade Bjerrum was:
Ronja Rissmann
Joe - 2 Years
Ronja Rissmann was:
Maja Arsovic
Joe - 7 years
Maja Arsovic was:
Sofie Kasten
B - 10 Years
Sofie Kasten was:
Charlie Hawkins
Young Lad 2 on Train
Charlie Hawkins was:
Jeff Burrell
Man 1 on Train
Jeff Burrell was:
Andreas Grötzinger
Man 2 on Train
Andreas Grötzinger was:
Tomas Spencer
Tomas Spencer was:
Jesse Inman
Man A Having Sex
Jesse Inman was:
Christoph Schechinger
Man B Having Sex
Christoph Schechinger was:
David Halina
Man C Having Sex
David Halina was:
Jonas Baeck
Man D Having Sex
Jonas Baeck was:
Katharina Rübertus
Joe's Girlfriend - 18 Years
Katharina Rübertus was:
Inga Behring
Joe's Girlfriend - 18 Years
Inga Behring was:
Lisa Matschke
Joe's Girlfriend - 18 Years
Lisa Matschke was:
Moritz Tellmann
Doctor Performing Abortion
Moritz Tellmann was:
Johannes Kienast
Man Who Cannot Touch Joe
Johannes Kienast was:
Frankie Dawson
H's Boy 1
Frankie Dawson was:
George Dawson
H's Boy 2
George Dawson was:
Harry Dawson
H's Boy 3
Harry Dawson was:
Markus Tomczyk
Young Man in Hospital
Markus Tomczyk was:
Christoph Jöde
Man in Window
Christoph Jöde was:
Morgan Hartley
B - 12 years (uncredited)
Morgan Hartley was:
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