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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac

Release Date: Friday, July 26 1985 (37 years ago)
Portrait of Derek JacobiDerek Jacobi
Cyrano de Bergerac
Derek Jacobi was:
Portrait of John CarlisleJohn Carlisle
Le Comte de Guiche
John Carlisle was:
Portrait of John BoweJohn Bowe
Le Bret
John Bowe was:
Portrait of Pete PostlethwaitePete Postlethwaite
Pete Postlethwaite was:
Portrait of Tom MannionTom Mannion
Christian de Neuvillette
Tom Mannion was:
Portrait of Sinéad CusackSinéad Cusack
Sinéad Cusack was:
Portrait of Jimmy GardnerJimmy Gardner
Doorkeeper / Capuchin
Jimmy Gardner was:
Portrait of Richard CliffordRichard Clifford
Cavalryman / Gascony Cadet
Richard Clifford was:
Portrait of Robert ClareRobert Clare
D'Artagnan / Gascony Cadet
Robert Clare was:
Portrait of Philip DennisPhilip Dennis
Flunkey / Gascony Cadet
Philip Dennis was:
Portrait of John TramperJohn Tramper
Flunkey / Gascony Cadet
John Tramper was:
Portrait of Geoffrey FreshwaterGeoffrey Freshwater
Geoffrey Freshwater was:
Portrait of Alexandra BrookAlexandra Brook
Flowergirl / Sister Claire
Alexandra Brook was:
Portrait of Phillip WalshPhillip Walsh
Drinker / Gascony Cadet
Phillip Walsh was:
Portrait of Simon ClarkSimon Clark
Citizen / Gascony Cadet
Simon Clark was:
Portrait of Jayne TottmanJayne Tottman
Citizen's Son
Jayne Tottman was:
Portrait of Paul BassonPaul Basson
Paul Basson was:
Portrait of Stephen KennedyStephen Kennedy
Stephen Kennedy was:
Portrait of Raymond LlewellynRaymond Llewellyn
Raymond Llewellyn was:
Portrait of Jeffery DenchJeffery Dench
Marquis 1
Jeffery Dench was:
Portrait of David GloverDavid Glover
Marquis 2
David Glover was:
Portrait of Dennis ClintonDennis Clinton
Dennis Clinton was:
Portrait of Edward JewesburyEdward Jewesbury
Edward Jewesbury was:
Portrait of George ParsonsGeorge Parsons
Lignière the Poet
George Parsons was:
Portrait of Penelope BeaumontPenelope Beaumont
Precieuse / Mother Marguerite / Lise
Penelope Beaumont was:
Portrait of Clare Byam-ShawClare Byam-Shaw
Clare Byam-Shaw was:
Portrait of Cathy FinlayCathy Finlay
Food Seller / Sister Marthe
Cathy Finlay was:
Portrait of Jennie GoossensJennie Goossens
Roxane's Duenna
Jennie Goossens was:
Portrait of Christopher BowenChristopher Bowen
Le Vicomte de Valvert / Gascony Cadet
Christopher Bowen was:
Portrait of Christopher BenjaminChristopher Benjamin
Christopher Benjamin was:
Portrait of David Shaw-ParkerDavid Shaw-Parker
Bellerose / Gascony Cadet
David Shaw-Parker was:
Portrait of Raymond BowersRaymond Bowers
Raymond Bowers was:
Portrait of Ken BonesKen Bones
Carbon de Castel Jaloux
Ken Bones was:
Portrait of Niall PaddenNiall Padden
Eater / Gascony Cadet
Niall Padden was:
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