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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2017-07-07 (4 years ago)
Luke Hemsworth
Wild Bill Hickok
Luke Hemsworth was:
Trace Adkins
Phil Poe
Trace Adkins was:
Bruce Dern
Doc Rivers O'Roark
Bruce Dern was:
Cameron Richardson
Cameron Richardson was:
Kaiwi Lyman
John Wesley Hardin
Kaiwi Lyman was:
Kris Kristofferson
George Knox
Kris Kristofferson was:
Hunter Fischer
Hunter Fischer was:
Peter Sherayko
Trail Boss
Peter Sherayko was:
Jason Lively
Jason Lively was:
Bertrand-Xavier Corbi
Bertrand-Xavier Corbi was:
Brittany Elizabeth Williams
Brittany Elizabeth Williams was:
Christopher Troy
Christopher Troy was:
Christopher M. Walker
Christopher M. Walker was:
Henry Penzi
Henry Penzi was:
Shannon Makhanian
Shannon Makhanian was:
Alan Donnes
Alan Donnes was:
Jon Klaft
Jon Klaft was:
Beau Bassewitz
Beau Bassewitz was:
Manu Intiraymi
Manu Intiraymi was:
Robert Catrini
Sheriff Akers
Robert Catrini was:
Peter Xifo
Sam Needham
Peter Xifo was:
Terral Altom
Terral Altom was:
Brandi Johnson
Brandi Johnson was:
Drew Krupkin
Drew Krupkin was:
Robert Goon
Robert Goon was:
Max Bogner
Preacher Jenkins
Max Bogner was:
Dennis Nicomede
Dennis Nicomede was:
Mitchell L. Johnson
Mitchell L. Johnson was:
Lee Ellis
Lee Ellis was:
Brent Duffey
Brent Duffey was:
Drew Macias
Drew Macias was:
Greg Nasca
Greg Nasca was:
Heather Alexander
Mrs. Knox
Heather Alexander was:
Bridger Zadina
Private Pyle
Bridger Zadina was:
Heath Hammond
Civil War Soldier
Heath Hammond was:
Kimberly Alexander
Kimberly Alexander was:
Chris Montague
Civil War Soldier
Chris Montague was:
John Billinger
Civil War Soldier
John Billinger was:
Ned Thorne
Civil War Soldier
Ned Thorne was:
Marshall Langohr
Civil War Soldier
Marshall Langohr was:
Thomas Bush
Civil War Soldier
Thomas Bush was:
Bob Rucker
Civil War Soldier
Bob Rucker was:
Bruce Van Patten
Civil War Soldier
Bruce Van Patten was:
Marty McClain
Civil War Soldier
Marty McClain was:
Caleb Noorigian
Civil War Soldier
Caleb Noorigian was:
Jerry Bestpitch
Carriage Driver
Jerry Bestpitch was:
Tara Brown
Nurse (uncredited)
Tara Brown was:
Angela Cole
Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Angela Cole was:
Shawna Craig
Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Shawna Craig was:
Lauren Dearmon
Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Lauren Dearmon was:
Lawrence Ford
Saloon Patron (uncredited)
Lawrence Ford was:
Sofie Gällerspång
Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Sofie Gällerspång was:
Steve Holland
Buckaroo (uncredited)
Steve Holland was:
G Jerry Jones
Saloon Patron (uncredited)
G Jerry Jones was:
Ryan W. Kelly
Young Sodbuster (uncredited)
Ryan W. Kelly was:
Patricia Lauriet
Barmaid (uncredited)
Patricia Lauriet was:
Emily Lopato
Saloon Girl (uncredited)
Emily Lopato was:
Paul Pikus
Saloon Cowboy (uncredited)
Paul Pikus was:
Larry Poole
Cowboy Gunman (uncredited)
Larry Poole was:
Ardeshir Radpour
Soldier (uncredited)
Ardeshir Radpour was:
Andrew Shelton
Bartender (uncredited)
Andrew Shelton was:
Britain Simons
The Kid (uncredited)
Britain Simons was:
Monte Stone
Ringo (uncredited)
Monte Stone was:
Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown was:
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