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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Mickybo and Me

Mickybo and Me

Release Date: 2005-03-25 (15 years ago)
John Joe McNeill
John Joe McNeill was:
Niall Wright
Niall Wright was:
Adrian Dunbar
Mickybo's Da
Adrian Dunbar was:
Ciarán Hinds
Jonjo's Da
Ciarán Hinds was:
Gina McKee
Jonjo's Ma
Gina McKee was:
Julie Walters
Mickybo's Ma
Julie Walters was:
Susan Lynch
Torch Woman
Susan Lynch was:
Owen O'Neill
Adult Mickybo
Owen O'Neill was:
Laine Megaw
Auntie Rita
Laine Megaw was:
Michael McElhatton
Michael McElhatton was:
Hannah Carnegie
Hannah Carnegie was:
Patricia Carson
Patricia Carson was:
B.J. Hogg
B.J. Hogg was:
Dan Gordon
Dan Gordon was:
Brendan Caskey
Brendan Caskey was:
Vincent Higgins
Vincent Higgins was:
Charlie Clarke
Charlie Clarke was:
Anthony Finigan
Anthony Finigan was:
Ashley Hillis
Ashley Hillis was:
Gemma Hillis
Gemma Hillis was:
Christina McQuillan
Christina McQuillan was:
Chris Corrigan
Policeman 1
Chris Corrigan was:
Gerry Doherty
Policeman 2
Gerry Doherty was:
Conor Grimes
Policeman 3
Conor Grimes was:
Andy Moore
Policeman 4
Andy Moore was:
J.J. Murphy
Elderly Husband
J.J. Murphy was:
Barbara Adair
Elderly Wife
Barbara Adair was:
Bronagh Taggart
Fusco's Ice-Cream Waitress
Bronagh Taggart was:
Maria Connolly
Travel Agent Lady
Maria Connolly was:
Brian Devlin
Rifle Stall Owner
Brian Devlin was:
James Doran
James Doran was:
Tim Loane
Barman Present Day
Tim Loane was:
Niall Hanna
Shoe Shop Boy
Niall Hanna was:
Antoinette Morelli
Chip Van Attendant
Antoinette Morelli was:
Sheelagh O'Kane
Nosey Neighbour
Sheelagh O'Kane was:
Martin Rogan
Security Guard 1
Martin Rogan was:
Paul Jennings
Security Guard 2
Paul Jennings was:
Paddy Scully
Bank Teller
Paddy Scully was:
Pascal Scott
Pascal Scott was:
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