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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer

Release Date: Friday, December 19 1930 (91 years ago)
Portrait of Jackie CooganJackie Coogan
Tom Sawyer
Jackie Coogan was:
Portrait of Junior DurkinJunior Durkin
Huckleberry Finn
Junior Durkin was:
Portrait of Mitzi GreenMitzi Green
Becky Thatcher
Mitzi Green was:
Portrait of Lucien LittlefieldLucien Littlefield
Lucien Littlefield was:
Portrait of Tully MarshallTully Marshall
Muff Potter
Tully Marshall was:
Portrait of Clara BlandickClara Blandick
Aunt Polly
Clara Blandick was:
Portrait of Mary Jane IrvingMary Jane Irving
Mary Jane Irving was:
Portrait of Ethel WalesEthel Wales
Mrs. Harper
Ethel Wales was:
Portrait of Dick WinslowDick Winslow
Joe Harper
Dick Winslow was:
Portrait of Jackie SearlJackie Searl
Jackie Searl was:
Portrait of Jane DarwellJane Darwell
Widow Douglas
Jane Darwell was:
Portrait of Charles StevensCharles Stevens
Injun Joe
Charles Stevens was:
Portrait of Charles SellonCharles Sellon
Charles Sellon was:
Portrait of Lon PoffLon Poff
Judge Thatcher
Lon Poff was:
Portrait of Dannie Mac GrantDannie Mac Grant
Dannie Mac Grant was:
Portrait of Carmencita JohnsonCarmencita Johnson
Little Girl
Carmencita Johnson was:
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