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Poster of The Chief

The Chief

Release Date: Friday, November 3 1933 (88 years ago)
Portrait of Ed WynnEd Wynn
Henry Summers
Ed Wynn was:
Portrait of Charles 'Chic' SaleCharles 'Chic' Sale
Uncle Joe
Charles 'Chic' Sale was:
Portrait of Dorothy MackaillDorothy Mackaill
Dixie Dean
Dorothy Mackaill was:
Portrait of Mickey RooneyMickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney was:
Portrait of William 'Stage' BoydWilliam 'Stage' Boyd
Dan O'Rourke
William 'Stage' Boyd was:
Portrait of C. Henry GordonC. Henry Gordon
Paul Clayton
C. Henry Gordon was:
Portrait of Purnell PrattPurnell Pratt
Al Morgan
Purnell Pratt was:
Portrait of Effie EllsterEffie Ellster
Ma Summers
Effie Ellster was:
Portrait of Nat PendletonNat Pendleton
Big Mike
Nat Pendleton was:
Portrait of Bradley PageBradley Page
Dapper Dan
Bradley Page was:
Portrait of George GivotGeorge Givot
Greek Clothing Merchant
George Givot was:
Portrait of Tom WilsonTom Wilson
Blink, a Henchman
Tom Wilson was:
Portrait of Bob PerryBob Perry
Frank, a Henchman
Bob Perry was:
Portrait of Luis AlberniLuis Alberni
Man at Alderman Meeting (uncredited)
Luis Alberni was:
Portrait of Jack BaxleyJack Baxley
Gussie, Assistant Ringmaster (uncredited)
Jack Baxley was:
Portrait of Heinie ConklinHeinie Conklin
Man Dropping Coin in Hat
Heinie Conklin was:
Portrait of George ErnestGeorge Ernest
Boy at Circus
George Ernest was:
Portrait of Jim FarleyJim Farley
Arresting Policeman
Jim Farley was:
Portrait of Frank HagneyFrank Hagney
Frank Hagney was:
Portrait of Eddie HartEddie Hart
Sam, a Henchman
Eddie Hart was:
Portrait of Al HillAl Hill
Henchman Who Gets Kicked (uncredited)
Al Hill was:
Portrait of Tenen HoltzTenen Holtz
Bald Henchman at Cabin
Tenen Holtz was:
Portrait of Arthur HoytArthur Hoyt
Man at Alderman Meeting
Arthur Hoyt was:
Portrait of Wilbur MackWilbur Mack
Man at Alderman Meeting
Wilbur Mack was:
Portrait of George MagrillGeorge Magrill
George Magrill was:
Portrait of Sam McDanielSam McDaniel
Sam McDaniel was:
Portrait of Tom McGuireTom McGuire
Fire Captain
Tom McGuire was:
Portrait of Graham McNameeGraham McNamee
Himself - Radio Announcer and Bandleader
Graham McNamee was:
Portrait of Greta MeyerGreta Meyer
Little Heinie's Mother
Greta Meyer was:
Portrait of Frank O'ConnorFrank O'Connor
Customer Wanting Hat
Frank O'Connor was:
Portrait of Lee PhelpsLee Phelps
Tim, a Man Watching Fire
Lee Phelps was:
Portrait of Syd SaylorSyd Saylor
Scared Man Against Lamppost
Syd Saylor was:
Portrait of Jackie SearlJackie Searl
Little Heinie in Hat Department
Jackie Searl was:
Portrait of Charles SellonCharles Sellon
Fire Chief at Statue Unveiling
Charles Sellon was:
Portrait of John SheehanJohn Sheehan
Charlie, a Streetcleaner
John Sheehan was:
Portrait of Carl StockdaleCarl Stockdale
City Editor
Carl Stockdale was:
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