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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of No Greater Glory

No Greater Glory

Release Date: Friday, March 30 1934 (88 years ago)
Portrait of Frankie DarroFrankie Darro
Feri Ats
Frankie Darro was:
Portrait of George P. BreakstonGeorge P. Breakston
George P. Breakston was:
Portrait of Jimmy ButlerJimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler was:
Portrait of Jackie SearlJackie Searl
Jackie Searl was:
Portrait of Donald HainesDonald Haines
Donald Haines was:
Portrait of Rolf ErnestRolf Ernest
Ferdie Pasztor
Rolf Ernest was:
Portrait of Julius MolnarJulius Molnar
Henry Pasztor
Julius Molnar was:
Portrait of Wesley GiraudWesley Giraud
Wesley Giraud was:
Portrait of Beaudine AndersonBeaudine Anderson
Beaudine Anderson was:
Portrait of Bruce LineBruce Line
Bruce Line was:
Portrait of Samuel S. HindsSamuel S. Hinds
Gereb's Father
Samuel S. Hinds was:
Portrait of Christian RubChristian Rub
Christian Rub was:
Portrait of Ralph MorganRalph Morgan
Ralph Morgan was:
Portrait of Lois WilsonLois Wilson
Lois Wilson was:
Portrait of Egon BrecherEgon Brecher
Egon Brecher was:
Portrait of Frank ReicherFrank Reicher
Frank Reicher was:
Portrait of Tom RickettsTom Ricketts
Tom Ricketts was:
Portrait of Harvey ClarkHarvey Clark
Customer in Tailor Shop
Harvey Clark was:
Portrait of Howard LeedsHoward Leeds
Red Shirt Member
Howard Leeds was:
Portrait of Basil BookastaBasil Bookasta
Red Shirt Member
Basil Bookasta was:
Portrait of Bob WagnerBob Wagner
Red Shirt Member
Bob Wagner was:
Portrait of Eddie BuzardEddie Buzard
Paul Street Boy
Eddie Buzard was:
Portrait of Douglas GreerDouglas Greer
Paul Street Boy
Douglas Greer was:
Portrait of Judith ArlenJudith Arlen
Young Girl (uncredited)
Judith Arlen was:
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