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The Sea Shall Not Have Them

The Sea Shall Not Have Them

Release Date: 1954-06-01 (67 years ago)
Michael Redgrave
Air Commodore Waltby
Michael Redgrave was:
Dirk Bogarde
Flt Sgt Mackay
Dirk Bogarde was:
Jack Watling
Flying Officer Harding
Jack Watling was:
Bonar Colleano
Sgt Kirby
Bonar Colleano was:
Anthony Steel
Flying Officer Treherne
Anthony Steel was:
Nigel Patrick
Flt Sgt Slingsby
Nigel Patrick was:
James Kenney
Cpl. Skinner
James Kenney was:
Sydney Tafler
Cpl. Robb
Sydney Tafler was:
Griffith Jones
Group Capt. Todd
Griffith Jones was:
Guy Middleton
Squadron Leader Scott
Guy Middleton was:
Rachel Kempson
Mrs. Waltby
Rachel Kempson was:
Joan Sims
Hilda Tebbitt
Joan Sims was:
Anton Diffring
German Pilot
Anton Diffring was:
Nigel Green
Met Officer Howard
Nigel Green was:
Michael Ripper
Michael Ripper was:
Ian Whittaker
A.C.2 Milliken
Ian Whittaker was:
Paul Carpenter
Lt Patrick Boyle, Sea Otter Pilot
Paul Carpenter was:
George Rose
George Rose was:
Glyn Houston
Glyn Houston was:
Victor Maddern
Gus Westover
Victor Maddern was:
Eddie Byrne
Petty Officer Porter
Eddie Byrne was:
Jack Taylor
Jack Taylor was:
Michael Balfour
Michael Balfour was:
Gudrun Ure
Kirby's Fiancee
Gudrun Ure was:
Jack Lambert
Squadron Leader Craig
Jack Lambert was:
Moultrie Kelsall
Wing Commander Dixon
Moultrie Kelsall was:
Graham Stark
Corporal (Uncredited)
Graham Stark was:
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