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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 1980-12-14 (40 years ago)
Jack Lemmon
Scottie Templeton
Jack Lemmon was:
Robby Benson
Jud Templeton
Robby Benson was:
Lee Remick
Maggie Stratton
Lee Remick was:
Colleen Dewhurst
Gladys Petrelli
Colleen Dewhurst was:
John Marley
Lou Daniels
John Marley was:
Kim Cattrall
Sally Haines
Kim Cattrall was:
Gale Garnett
Gale Garnett was:
Teri Keane
Teri Keane was:
Rummy Bishop
Poker Player
Rummy Bishop was:
John Dee
Poker Player
John Dee was:
Bob Windsor
Poker Player
Bob Windsor was:
Eileen Lehman
Eileen Lehman was:
Andrew Foot
Andrew Foot was:
Trevor Daley
Trevor Daley was:
Sid Smith
Stage Hand
Sid Smith was:
Jennifer Goldie
Jennifer Goldie was:
Bill McMann
Maitre d'
Bill McMann was:
Gaylyn Britton
Hatcheck Girl
Gaylyn Britton was:
Peter Peers
Hal Schumway
Peter Peers was:
Anthony Powers
Cab Diver
Anthony Powers was:
Bob Scarantino
Bob Scarantino was:
Michael Monet
Dog Walker
Michael Monet was:
Billie Perkins
Girl in the Rain (uncredited)
Billie Perkins was:
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