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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The China Syndrome

The China Syndrome

Release Date: 1979-03-16 (42 years ago)
Jane Fonda
Kimberly Wells
Jane Fonda was:
Jack Lemmon
Jack Godell
Jack Lemmon was:
Michael Douglas
Richard Adams
Michael Douglas was:
Scott Brady
Herman De Young
Scott Brady was:
James Hampton
Bill Gibson
James Hampton was:
Peter Donat
Don Jacovich
Peter Donat was:
Wilford Brimley
Ted Spindler
Wilford Brimley was:
Richard Herd
Evan McCormack
Richard Herd was:
Daniel Valdez
Hector Salas
Daniel Valdez was:
Stan Bohrman
Pete Martin
Stan Bohrman was:
James Karen
Mac Churchill
James Karen was:
Michael Alaimo
Greg Minor
Michael Alaimo was:
Donald Hotton
Dr. Elliott Lowell
Donald Hotton was:
Khalilah Ali
Khalilah Ali was:
Paul Larson
D.B. Royce
Paul Larson was:
Alan Beckwith
Alan Beckwith was:
Ron Lombard
Ron Lombard was:
Tom Eure
Tom Eure was:
Nick Pellegrino
Nick Pellegrino was:
Daniel Lewk
Daniel Lewk was:
Allan Chinn
Allan Chinn was:
Martin Fiscoe
Control Guard
Martin Fiscoe was:
Alan Kaul
TV Director
Alan Kaul was:
Michael Mann
TV Consultant
Michael Mann was:
David Eisenbise
Technical Director
David Eisenbise was:
Frank Cavestani
News Reporter
Frank Cavestani was:
Reuben Collins
Reuben Collins was:
E. Hampton Beagle
E. Hampton Beagle was:
David Pfeiffer
David Pfeiffer was:
Lewis Arquette
Lewis Arquette was:
Dennis McMullen
Dennis McMullen was:
Rita Taggart
Rita Jacovich
Rita Taggart was:
James Hall
James Hall was:
Carol Schlanger
Carol Schlanger was:
Trudy Lane
Alma Spindler
Trudy Lane was:
Jack Smith Jr.
Jack Smith Jr. was:
David Arnsen
KXLA Cameraman
David Arnsen was:
Betty Harford
Woman at Demonstration
Betty Harford was:
Donald Bishop
Hearings Chairman
Donald Bishop was:
Al Baietti
Pro-Nuclear Witness
Al Baietti was:
Diandra Morrell
Diandra Morrell was:
Darrell Larson
Young Demonstrator
Darrell Larson was:
Roger Pancake
Gate Guard
Roger Pancake was:
Joe Lowry
Security Agent
Joe Lowry was:
Harry M. Williams
Fire Rescue
Harry M. Williams was:
Dennis Barker
Jaws of Life
Dennis Barker was:
Joseph Garcia
Highway Patrolman
Joseph Garcia was:
James Kline
James Kline was:
Clay Hodges
SWAT Squad Leader
Clay Hodges was:
Robert A. Bowen
Camera Operator
Robert A. Bowen was:
Robert Buckingham
Party Guest
Robert Buckingham was:
John Philip Dayton
Young Photographer
John Philip Dayton was:
Paul DeCeglie
Man at Meeting
Paul DeCeglie was:
Peter Paul Eastman
Peter Paul Eastman was:
Michael Jeffers
Board Member
Michael Jeffers was:
Paul LeClair
Board Member
Paul LeClair was:
Monty O'Grady
Party Guest
Monty O'Grady was:
Ray Pourchot
Man at Meeting
Ray Pourchot was:
Hank Robinson
Hank Robinson was:
George Simmons
George Simmons was:
Nico Stevens
Party Guest
Nico Stevens was:
Manny Weltman
Man at Meeting
Manny Weltman was:
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