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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Killer Cop

Killer Cop

Release Date: 1975-03-27 (46 years ago)
Claudio Cassinelli
Commissario Matteo Rolandi
Claudio Cassinelli was:
Arthur Kennedy
Armando Di Federico
Arthur Kennedy was:
Franco Fabrizi
Luigi Balsamo
Franco Fabrizi was:
Sara Sperati
Papaya Girotti
Sara Sperati was:
Bruno Zanin
Franco Ludovisi
Bruno Zanin was:
Francesco D'Adda
Francesco D'Adda was:
Paolo Poiret
Rocco Altieri
Paolo Poiret was:
Valeria D'Obici
Valeria D'Obici was:
Giuliana Rivera
Giuliana Rolandi
Giuliana Rivera was:
Franco Moraldi
De Marchi
Franco Moraldi was:
Elio Jotta
Minister (as Adelio Jotta)
Elio Jotta was:
Enzo Fisichella
Colonel Francalancia
Enzo Fisichella was:
Walter Valdi
Minister Assistant
Walter Valdi was:
Giovanni Cianfriglia
Giovanni Cianfriglia was:
Fausto Tommei
Fausto Tommei was:
Giuseppina Pentimalli
Di Federico's Wife
Giuseppina Pentimalli was:
Livia Cerini
Maid in Di Federico house
Livia Cerini was:
Guido Spadea
Di Federico's assistant
Guido Spadea was:
Sergio Tardioli
Secret Agent tailing Rolandi
Sergio Tardioli was:
Giancarlo Busi
Hotel receptionist
Giancarlo Busi was:
Ugo Bologna
Mancuso the policeman
Ugo Bologna was:
Vittorio Pinelli
Vittorio Pinelli was:
Jack Lemmon
Narrator (voice)
Jack Lemmon was:
Carlo Gentili
Man in mirror
Carlo Gentili was:
Annibale Papetti
Annibale Papetti was:
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