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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Airport '77

Airport '77

Release Date: 1977-03-11 (44 years ago)
Jack Lemmon
Don Gallagher
Jack Lemmon was:
Lee Grant
Karen Wallace
Lee Grant was:
Brenda Vaccaro
Eve Clayton
Brenda Vaccaro was:
Joseph Cotten
Nicholas St. Downs III
Joseph Cotten was:
Olivia de Havilland
Emily Livingston
Olivia de Havilland was:
Darren McGavin
Stan Buchek
Darren McGavin was:
Christopher Lee
Martin Wallace
Christopher Lee was:
Robert Foxworth
Robert Foxworth was:
Robert Hooks
Robert Hooks was:
George Kennedy
Joe Patroni
George Kennedy was:
James Stewart
Philip Stevens
James Stewart was:
Monte Markham
Monte Markham was:
Kathleen Quinlan
Kathleen Quinlan was:
Gil Gerard
Frank Powers
Gil Gerard was:
James Booth
Ralph Crawford
James Booth was:
Monica Lewis
Monica Lewis was:
Maidie Norman
Maidie Norman was:
Pamela Bellwood
Pamela Bellwood was:
Arlene Golonka
Mrs. Stern
Arlene Golonka was:
Tom Sullivan
Tom Sullivan was:
M. Emmet Walsh
Dr. Williams
M. Emmet Walsh was:
Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson was:
Michael Pataki
Michael Pataki was:
George Furth
Gerald Lucas
George Furth was:
Richard Venture
Commander Guay
Richard Venture was:
Ross Bickell
Ross Bickell was:
Peter Fox
Tommy Norris
Peter Fox was:
Beverly Gill
Stewardess #3
Beverly Gill was:
Charles Macaulay
Admiral Corrigan
Charles Macaulay was:
Tom Rosqui
Tom Rosqui was:
Arthur Adams
Commander Reed
Arthur Adams was:
Anthony Battaglia
Anthony Battaglia was:
Elizabeth Cheshire
Bonnie Stern
Elizabeth Cheshire was:
Charlotte Lord
Stewardess #2
Charlotte Lord was:
Paul Tuerpe
Officer of the Deck
Paul Tuerpe was:
Dar Robinson
Dar Robinson was:
Ted Chapman
Ted Chapman was:
M. James Arnett
M. James Arnett was:
Ron Burke
Ron Burke was:
Chuck Hayward
Chuck Hayward was:
Johana De Winter
Johana De Winter was:
George S. Whiteman
George S. Whiteman was:
Jean Coulter
Jean Coulter was:
Chris Lemmon
Chris Lemmon was:
John Clavin
FAA Supervisor
John Clavin was:
John Kerry
Lieutenant Commander
John Kerry was:
Jimmie Ray Weeks
Jimmie Ray Weeks was:
William Whitaker
William Whitaker was:
Janet Brady
Janet Brady was:
Nancy Burnett
Radar Room Controller
Nancy Burnett was:
Bill Jelliffe
Controller #1
Bill Jelliffe was:
Rickie Sorensen
Controller #2
Rickie Sorensen was:
Peter Greene
Frogman #1
Peter Greene was:
Asa Teeter
Frogman #2
Asa Teeter was:
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