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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Boom Town

Boom Town

Release Date: 1940-08-30 (81 years ago)
Clark Gable
Big John McMasters
Clark Gable was:
Spencer Tracy
Square John Sand
Spencer Tracy was:
Claudette Colbert
Betsy Bartlett
Claudette Colbert was:
Hedy Lamarr
Karen Vanmeer
Hedy Lamarr was:
Frank Morgan
Luther Aldrich
Frank Morgan was:
Lionel Atwill
Harry Compton
Lionel Atwill was:
Chill Wills
Harmony Jones
Chill Wills was:
Marion Martin
Marion Martin was:
Minna Gombell
Spanish Eva
Minna Gombell was:
Joe Yule
Ed Murphy
Joe Yule was:
Horace Murphy
Tom Murphy
Horace Murphy was:
Marietta Canty
Marietta Canty was:
Curt Bois
Ferdie the Tailor
Curt Bois was:
Richard Lane
Assistant D.A.
Richard Lane was:
George Lessey
George Lessey was:
Sara Haden
Miss Barnes
Sara Haden was:
Frank Orth
Frank Orth was:
John Hamilton
Defense Attorney
John Hamilton was:
Charles Coleman
McMasters' Butler
Charles Coleman was:
Nell Craig
Compton's Secretary
Nell Craig was:
Byron Foulger
Byron Foulger was:
Harry Hayden
Harry Hayden was:
Eddy Waller
Hotel Desk Clerk in Burkburnett
Eddy Waller was:
Roy Gordon
Roy Gordon was:
Casey Johnson
Little Jack
Casey Johnson was:
Baby Quintanilla
Baby Jack
Baby Quintanilla was:
Frank McGlynn Sr.
Frank McGlynn Sr. was:
Bess Flowers
Worker in McMasters' Office (uncredited)
Bess Flowers was:
Barbara Bedford
Nurse (uncredited)
Barbara Bedford was:
Hank Bell
Hank - Man in Dance Hall (uncredited)
Hank Bell was:
Charles D. Brown
U.S. Marshal Stebbins (uncredited)
Charles D. Brown was:
Francis X. Bushman Jr.
Man with Nitroglycerine (uncredited)
Francis X. Bushman Jr. was:
Marietta Canty
Karen's Maid (uncredited)
Marietta Canty was:
Charles Coleman
Parker - McMasters' Butler (uncredited)
Charles Coleman was:
James Conaty
Man Working in McMasters' Office (uncredited)
James Conaty was:
Dick Curtis
Hiring Boss (uncredited)
Dick Curtis was:
Helen Dickson
Mrs. Summers (uncredited)
Helen Dickson was:
James Dime
Townsman (uncredited)
James Dime was:
Eddie Dunn
Wildcatter (uncredited)
Eddie Dunn was:
Franklyn Farnum
Alarmed Townsman (uncredited)
Franklyn Farnum was:
Pat Flaherty
Man at Dice Table (uncredited)
Pat Flaherty was:
Sam Garrett
Rider / Roper (uncredited)
Sam Garrett was:
George Guhl
Baggage Man (uncredited)
George Guhl was:
Frank Hagney
Man Abandoned by Whitey (uncredited)
Frank Hagney was:
William Halligan
McCreery's Associate #2 (uncredited)
William Halligan was:
John Hamilton
McMasters' Defense Attorney (uncredited)
John Hamilton was:
Tom Hanlon
Racetrack Announcer (voice) (uncredited)
Tom Hanlon was:
Harry Hayden
Smith - the Architect (uncredited)
Harry Hayden was:
Holmes Herbert
Doctor (uncredited)
Holmes Herbert was:
Howard Hickman
McCreery's Associate #1 (uncredited)
Howard Hickman was:
Earle Hodgins
Rodeo Barker (uncredited)
Earle Hodgins was:
Shep Houghton
Saloon Brawler (uncredited)
Shep Houghton was:
Jack Ingram
Oilman at Producers' Convention (uncredited)
Jack Ingram was:
Sheldon Jett
Oil Man at Meeting (uncredited)
Sheldon Jett was:
Robert Emmett Keane
Oilman in New York (uncredited)
Robert Emmett Keane was:
Mitchell Lewis
Venezuelan Foreman (uncredited)
Mitchell Lewis was:
Tom London
Sheriff Harris (uncredited)
Tom London was:
Frank McLure
Man in Hotel Lobby (uncredited)
Frank McLure was:
Carlotta Monti
Saloon Hostess Fighting Whitey (uncredited)
Carlotta Monti was:
Philip Morris
Oil Man (uncredited)
Philip Morris was:
John T. Murray
Mr. Springtime (uncredited)
John T. Murray was:
Wedgwood Nowell
Oilman at Producers' Convention (uncredited)
Wedgwood Nowell was:
Ted Oliver
Man Asking 4 Bits to Cross (uncredited)
Ted Oliver was:
Nestor Paiva
Venezuelan Officer (uncredited)
Nestor Paiva was:
Milton Parsons
Aldrich's Assistant (uncredited)
Milton Parsons was:
Lee Phelps
Man Fighting Oil Fire (uncredited)
Lee Phelps was:
Henry Roquemore
Mr. Summers (uncredited)
Henry Roquemore was:
Larry Steers
Lawyer at Prosecution's Table (uncredited)
Larry Steers was:
Bert Stevens
Hotel Lobby Extra (uncredited)
Bert Stevens was:
William Tannen
Hotel Desk Clerk #1 (uncredited)
William Tannen was:
Eddy Waller
Hotel Clerk (uncredited)
Eddy Waller was:
Harry Wilson
Townsman (uncredited)
Harry Wilson was:
Tom Wilson
Man in Saloon (uncredited)
Tom Wilson was:
Douglas Wood
Oil Man at New York Meeting (uncredited)
Douglas Wood was:
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