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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Judo vs. Karate

Judo vs. Karate

Release Date: Sunday, October 30 1966 (55 years ago)
Portrait of Hideo MurataHideo Murata
Hideo Murata was:
Portrait of Hiroki MatsukataHiroki Matsukata
Hiroki Matsukata was:
Portrait of Saburô KitajimaSaburô Kitajima
Saburô Kitajima was:
Portrait of Tomisaburō WakayamaTomisaburō Wakayama
Tomisaburō Wakayama was:
Portrait of Yukiko NinomiyaYukiko Ninomiya
Yukiko Ninomiya was:
Portrait of Kayo MatsuoKayo Matsuo
Kayo Matsuo was:
Portrait of Kazuko InanoKazuko Inano
Kazuko Inano was:
Portrait of Keishiro KojimaKeishiro Kojima
Keishiro Kojima was:
Portrait of Auto YokoyamaAuto Yokoyama
Auto Yokoyama was:
Portrait of Hōsei KomatsuHōsei Komatsu
Hōsei Komatsu was:
Portrait of Shinsuke MikimotoShinsuke Mikimoto
Shinsuke Mikimoto was:
Portrait of Kenji SugawaraKenji Sugawara
Kenji Sugawara was:
Portrait of Kanjūrō ArashiKanjūrō Arashi
Kanjūrō Arashi was:
Portrait of Kanbi FujiyamaKanbi Fujiyama
Kanbi Fujiyama was:
Portrait of Yuko MinakazeYuko Minakaze
Yuko Minakaze was:
Portrait of Yujiro OmiYujiro Omi
Yujiro Omi was:
Portrait of Kinji NakamuraKinji Nakamura
Kinji Nakamura was:
Portrait of Kunio KagaKunio Kaga
Kunio Kaga was:
Portrait of Michimaro OtabeMichimaro Otabe
Michimaro Otabe was:
Portrait of Masataka IwaoMasataka Iwao
Masataka Iwao was:
Portrait of Shin TokudaijiShin Tokudaiji
Shin Tokudaiji was:
Portrait of Ryō NishidaRyō Nishida
Ryō Nishida was:
Portrait of Kinjirô TooyamaKinjirô Tooyama
Kinjirô Tooyama was:
Portrait of Kin'ya SuzukiKin'ya Suzuki
Kin'ya Suzuki was:
Portrait of Masao HoriMasao Hori
Masao Hori was:
Portrait of Mineko MaruhiraMineko Maruhira
Mineko Maruhira was:
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