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Poster of Tail Gunner Joe

Tail Gunner Joe

Release Date: Sunday, February 6 1977 (45 years ago)
Portrait of Peter BoylePeter Boyle
Joseph McCarthy
Peter Boyle was:
Portrait of John ForsytheJohn Forsythe
Paul Cunningham
John Forsythe was:
Portrait of Burgess MeredithBurgess Meredith
Joseph Welch
Burgess Meredith was:
Portrait of Patricia NealPatricia Neal
Margaret Chase Smith
Patricia Neal was:
Portrait of Jean StapletonJean Stapleton
Mrs. DeCamp
Jean Stapleton was:
Portrait of Ned BeattyNed Beatty
Ned Beatty was:
Portrait of Philip AbbottPhilip Abbott
Scott Lucas
Philip Abbott was:
Portrait of Wallace RooneyWallace Rooney
Wallace Rooney was:
Portrait of Heather MenziesHeather Menzies
Heather Menzies was:
Portrait of Wesley AddyWesley Addy
Wesley Addy was:
Portrait of Karen CarlsonKaren Carlson
Jean Kerr
Karen Carlson was:
Portrait of John CarradineJohn Carradine
Wisconsin Farmer
John Carradine was:
Portrait of Charles CioffiCharles Cioffi
Logan's Boss
Charles Cioffi was:
Portrait of Diana DouglasDiana Douglas
Diana Douglas was:
Portrait of Andrew DugganAndrew Duggan
Dwight Eisenhower
Andrew Duggan was:
Portrait of Henry JonesHenry Jones
Henry Jones was:
Portrait of Murray MathesonMurray Matheson
Murray Matheson was:
Portrait of Allan MillerAllan Miller
Allan Miller was:
Portrait of Tim O'ConnorTim O'Connor
Tim O'Connor was:
Portrait of Alan OppenheimerAlan Oppenheimer
Eisenhower Publicist
Alan Oppenheimer was:
Portrait of Addison PowellAddison Powell
General George C. Marshall
Addison Powell was:
Portrait of Andrew PrineAndrew Prine
Peter Parker McNair Gates
Andrew Prine was:
Portrait of John RandolphJohn Randolph
Gen. Lampkin
John Randolph was:
Portrait of Allan RichAllan Rich
Ray Jenkins
Allan Rich was:
Portrait of William SchallertWilliam Schallert
Gen. Zwicker
William Schallert was:
Portrait of Simon ScottSimon Scott
Robert Ten Broeck Stevens
Simon Scott was:
Portrait of Robert F. SimonRobert F. Simon
Drew Pearson
Robert F. Simon was:
Portrait of George WynerGeorge Wyner
Roy Cohn
George Wyner was:
Portrait of Lin McCarthyLin McCarthy
Sen. Stuart Symington
Lin McCarthy was:
Portrait of Kelly Jean PetersKelly Jean Peters
Mrs. Sarah Gates
Kelly Jean Peters was:
Portrait of Robert SymondsRobert Symonds
President Harry Truman
Robert Symonds was:
Portrait of Charles SiebertCharles Siebert
James Juliana
Charles Siebert was:
Portrait of Sam Chew Jr.Sam Chew Jr.
Robert F. Kennedy
Sam Chew Jr. was:
Portrait of John ChappellJohn Chappell
Sen. Karl Mundt
John Chappell was:
Portrait of Herb VolandHerb Voland
Sen. Raymond Baldwin
Herb Voland was:
Portrait of Edward AnhaltEdward Anhalt
Sen. Herbert Lehman
Edward Anhalt was:
Portrait of Alan HewittAlan Hewitt
Dean Acheson
Alan Hewitt was:
Portrait of Howard HessemanHoward Hesseman
Lt. Ted Cantwell
Howard Hesseman was:
Portrait of Jack BannonJack Bannon
Eisenhower Aide
Jack Bannon was:
Portrait of Charles MacaulayCharles Macaulay
Wm. Roberts
Charles Macaulay was:
Portrait of Richard M. DixonRichard M. Dixon
Sen. Richard M. Nixon
Richard M. Dixon was:
Portrait of Morgan UptonMorgan Upton
Morgan Upton was:
Portrait of Shirley O'HaraShirley O'Hara
Shirley O'Hara was:
Portrait of George PetrieGeorge Petrie
Chas. Kraus
George Petrie was:
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