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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Frihedens pris

Frihedens pris

Release Date: 1960-03-11 (60 years ago)
Willy Rathnov
Willy Rathnov was:
Ghita Nørby
Ghita Nørby was:
Holger Juul Hansen
Holger Juul Hansen was:
Preben Lerdorff Rye
Preben Lerdorff Rye was:
Louis Miehe-Renard
Louis Miehe-Renard was:
Svend Johansen
Fanget sabotør
Svend Johansen was:
Kurt Erik Nielsen
Kurt Erik Nielsen was:
Clara Pontoppidan
Jødisk flygtning
Clara Pontoppidan was:
Jørgen Ryg
Fanget sabotør
Jørgen Ryg was:
Asbjørn Andersen
Asbjørn Andersen was:
Ole Monty
Fanget sabotør
Ole Monty was:
Carl Ottosen
Carl Ottosen was:
Einar Juhl
Lis' far
Einar Juhl was:
Karen Marie Løwert
Karen Marie Løwert was:
Jørgen Bidstrup
Jørgen Bidstrup was:
Henning Ditlev Hansen
Henning Ditlev Hansen was:
Henning Hansen
Henning Hansen was:
Gunnar Bigum
Gunnar Bigum was:
Jonna Lillebjerg
Jonna Lillebjerg was:
Jens Due
Jens Due was:
Miskow Makwarth
Miskow Makwarth was:
Peter Marcell
Peter Marcell was:
Kirsten Saerens
Kirsten Saerens was:
Alex Suhr
Alex Suhr was:
Grethe Paaske
Grethe Paaske was:
Lise Mejlstrup
Lise Mejlstrup was:
Alfred Wilken
Alfred Wilken was:
Ebba Amfeldt
Ebba Amfeldt was:
Emil Hass Christensen
Emil Hass Christensen was:
Carl Nielsen
Carl Nielsen was:
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