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Release Date: 1996-05-10 (25 years ago)
Helen Hunt
Dr. Jo Harding
Helen Hunt was:
Bill Paxton
Bill Harding
Bill Paxton was:
Cary Elwes
Dr. Jonas Miller
Cary Elwes was:
Jami Gertz
Dr. Melissa Reeves
Jami Gertz was:
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Dustin Davis
Philip Seymour Hoffman was:
Lois Smith
Meg Greene
Lois Smith was:
Alan Ruck
Robert 'Rabbit' Nurick
Alan Ruck was:
Sean Whalen
Allan Sanders
Sean Whalen was:
Scott Thomson
Jason 'Preacher' Rowe
Scott Thomson was:
Todd Field
Tim 'Beltzer' Lewis
Todd Field was:
Joey Slotnick
Joey Slotnick was:
Wendle Josepher
Wendle Josepher was:
Jeremy Davies
Jeremy Davies was:
Zach Grenier
Zach Grenier was:
Gregory Sporleder
Gregory Sporleder was:
Patrick Fischler
The Communicator
Patrick Fischler was:
Nicholas Sadler
Nicholas Sadler was:
Ben Weber
Ben Weber was:
Anthony Rapp
Anthony Rapp was:
Erik LaRay Harvey
Erik LaRay Harvey was:
Abraham Benrubi
Abraham Benrubi was:
Jake Busey
Mobile Lab Technician
Jake Busey was:
Melanie Hoopes
Melanie Hoopes was:
Alexa PenaVega
Jo Harding age 6
Alexa PenaVega was:
Rusty Schwimmer
Mrs. Thornton
Rusty Schwimmer was:
Richard Lineback
Mr. Thornton
Richard Lineback was:
J. Dean Lindsay
J. Dean Lindsay was:
Dan Kelpine
Diner Mechanic
Dan Kelpine was:
Sharonlyn Morrow
Sharonlyn Morrow was:
Richard Lineback
Mr. Thorton
Richard Lineback was:
Rusty Schwimmer
Mrs. Thorton
Rusty Schwimmer was:
Taylor Gilbert
Bryce, NSSL Scientist
Taylor Gilbert was:
Bruce Wright
Murphy, NSSL Scientist
Bruce Wright was:
Gary England
TV Meteorologist #1
Gary England was:
Jeff Lazalier
TV Meteorologist #2
Jeff Lazalier was:
Rick Mitchell
TV Meteorologist #3
Rick Mitchell was:
Paul Douglas
Paul Douglas was:
Samantha McDonald
Drive-in Girl
Samantha McDonald was:
Jennifer L. Hamilton
Drive-In Girl
Jennifer L. Hamilton was:
Anneke de Bont
Farm Girl
Anneke de Bont was:
Darryl Cox
Four Corners Mechanic (uncredited)
Darryl Cox was:
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