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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Miracle Season

The Miracle Season

Release Date: 2018-04-13 (3 years ago)
Erin Moriarty
Kelley Fliehler
Erin Moriarty was:
Danika Yarosh
Caroline Found
Danika Yarosh was:
Helen Hunt
Kathy Bresnahan
Helen Hunt was:
William Hurt
Ernie Found
William Hurt was:
Nesta Cooper
Lizzie Ackerman
Nesta Cooper was:
Jason Gray-Stanford
Scott Sanders
Jason Gray-Stanford was:
Natalie Sharp
Natalie Sharp was:
Tiera Skovbye
Tiera Skovbye was:
Lillian Doucet-Roche
Lillian Doucet-Roche was:
Burkely Duffield
Burkely Duffield was:
Jillian Fargey
Ellyn Found
Jillian Fargey was:
Vanessa Wiebe
Twin Tower #1
Vanessa Wiebe was:
Cassandra Bagnell
Twin Tower #2
Cassandra Bagnell was:
Rebecca Staab
Rebecca Staab was:
Lee Booker
Catharine Found
Lee Booker was:
Steve Richmond
Gregg Found
Steve Richmond was:
Garry Chalk
Principal Shaw
Garry Chalk was:
Makena Lei Carnahan
Makena Lei Carnahan was:
Dee Jay Jackson
Dee Jay Jackson was:
Candus Churchill
Pie Shop Owner
Candus Churchill was:
Ava Grace Cooper
Little Kelley
Ava Grace Cooper was:
Bailey Skodje
Little Line
Bailey Skodje was:
Derek Morrison
State Trooper
Derek Morrison was:
Andrea Adams
State Ref
Andrea Adams was:
Jan Bos
Finals Announcer
Jan Bos was:
Chris Robson
Sate Official
Chris Robson was:
Michael Meneer
News Reporter
Michael Meneer was:
Emmett Carnahan
West High Student Announcer
Emmett Carnahan was:
J. C. Williams
West High Ref
J. C. Williams was:
Eli Gabay
Montgomery Announcer
Eli Gabay was:
Steve Malcolm
Montgomery Ref
Steve Malcolm was:
Larissa Albuquerque
Montgomery Player
Larissa Albuquerque was:
Cedric De Souza
Dr. Paul
Cedric De Souza was:
David C. Woolfreit
Kelley's Dad
David C. Woolfreit was:
Sean McNamara
Caroline Fan
Sean McNamara was:
Carolyn Adair
Mother (uncredited)
Carolyn Adair was:
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