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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Death Scream

Death Scream

Release Date: 1975-09-26 (45 years ago)
Raúl Juliá
Detective Nick Rodriguez
Raúl Juliá was:
John P. Ryan
Detective Dave Lambert
John P. Ryan was:
Phillip Clark
Detective Johnny Bellon
Phillip Clark was:
Lucie Arnaz
Lucie Arnaz was:
Ed Asner
Peter Singleton
Ed Asner was:
Art Carney
Mr. Jacobs
Art Carney was:
Diahann Carroll
Betty May
Diahann Carroll was:
Kate Jackson
Kate Jackson was:
Cloris Leachman
Mrs. Singleton
Cloris Leachman was:
Tina Louise
Hilda Murray
Tina Louise was:
Nancy Walker
Mrs. Jacobs
Nancy Walker was:
Eric Braeden
Eric Braeden was:
Allyn Ann McLerie
Alice Whitmore
Allyn Ann McLerie was:
Dimitra Arliss
Mrs. Kosinsky
Dimitra Arliss was:
William Bryant
Harry Whitmore
William Bryant was:
Joan Goodfellow
Mrs. Daniels
Joan Goodfellow was:
Thelma Houston
Lady Wing Ding
Thelma Houston was:
Bert Freed
Det. Ross
Bert Freed was:
Don Pedro Colley
Det. Hughes
Don Pedro Colley was:
Tony Dow
Tony Dow was:
Sally Kirkland
Sally Kirkland was:
Todd Susman
Jimmy Crescent
Todd Susman was:
Belinda Balaski
Jenny Storm
Belinda Balaski was:
George Loros
Sgt. Lloyd
George Loros was:
Les Lannom
Mr. Daniels
Les Lannom was:
Joe E. Tata
Det. Linsky
Joe E. Tata was:
Jose Senteno
Frank Martinez
Jose Senteno was:
Paul Reid Roman
Patrolman Alpert
Paul Reid Roman was:
Robert Ito
Hospital Intern
Robert Ito was:
Helen Hunt
Teila Rodriguez
Helen Hunt was:
Rick Traeger
Mr. Deutch
Rick Traeger was:
Morris Buchanan
Sanitation Man
Morris Buchanan was:
Sam Lewis
Sanitation Man
Sam Lewis was:
Bill Quinn
Man with Cigar
Bill Quinn was:
James Jeter
Bus Driver
James Jeter was:
Robert Cleaves
Robert Cleaves was:
Carolyn Ames
Carolyn Ames was:
Gail Bonney
Gail Bonney was:
Frank Ventgen
First Patrolman
Frank Ventgen was:
Keith Wheeler
Black Man
Keith Wheeler was:
Ava Readdy
Ava Readdy was:
Alan Paige
Alan Paige was:
Tina Menard
Mrs. Martinez
Tina Menard was:
Tony Mancini
Tony Mancini was:
Alma Collins
Black Girl
Alma Collins was:
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