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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Conjuring

The Conjuring

Release Date: Thursday, July 18 2013 (9 years ago)
Portrait of Patrick WilsonPatrick Wilson
Ed Warren
Patrick Wilson was:
Portrait of Vera FarmigaVera Farmiga
Lorraine Warren
Vera Farmiga was:
Portrait of Lili TaylorLili Taylor
Carolyn Perron
Lili Taylor was:
Portrait of Ron LivingstonRon Livingston
Roger Perron
Ron Livingston was:
Portrait of Mackenzie FoyMackenzie Foy
Cindy Perron
Mackenzie Foy was:
Portrait of Joey KingJoey King
Christine Perron
Joey King was:
Portrait of Shannon KookShannon Kook
Drew Thomas
Shannon Kook was:
Portrait of John BrothertonJohn Brotherton
Brad Hamilton
John Brotherton was:
Portrait of Hayley McFarlandHayley McFarland
Nancy Perron
Hayley McFarland was:
Portrait of Shanley CaswellShanley Caswell
Andrea Perron
Shanley Caswell was:
Portrait of Kyla DeaverKyla Deaver
April Perron
Kyla Deaver was:
Portrait of Sterling JerinsSterling Jerins
Judy Warren
Sterling Jerins was:
Portrait of Joseph BisharaJoseph Bishara
Bathsheba Sherman
Joseph Bishara was:
Portrait of Marion GuyotMarion Guyot
Georgiana Moran
Marion Guyot was:
Portrait of Morganna BridgersMorganna Bridgers
Morganna Bridgers was:
Portrait of Amy TiptonAmy Tipton
Amy Tipton was:
Portrait of Zach PappasZach Pappas
Zach Pappas was:
Portrait of Rose BachtelRose Bachtel
Rose Bachtel was:
Portrait of James D. NelsonJames D. Nelson
James D. Nelson was:
Portrait of Christof VeillonChristof Veillon
Maurice Theriault
Christof Veillon was:
Portrait of Carmella GioioCarmella Gioio
Sra. Walker
Carmella Gioio was:
Portrait of Steve CoulterSteve Coulter
Padre Gordon
Steve Coulter was:
Portrait of Ashley WhiteAshley White
Ashley White was:
Portrait of Kymoura KennedyKymoura Kennedy
Estudante #1
Kymoura Kennedy was:
Portrait of Sean FlynnSean Flynn
Estudante #2
Sean Flynn was:
Portrait of George T. ZervosGeorge T. Zervos
Padre católico
George T. Zervos was:
Portrait of Desi DomoDesi Domo
Mulher suicida
Desi Domo was:
Portrait of Nate SemanNate Seman
Rory (uncredited)
Nate Seman was:
Portrait of Lorraine WarrenLorraine Warren
Woman in Audience (uncredited)
Lorraine Warren was:
Portrait of Arnell PowellArnell Powell
Arnell Powell was:
Portrait of Tony SperaTony Spera
Man in Audience (uncredited)
Tony Spera was:
Portrait of Emily BrobstEmily Brobst
Suicide Victim (uncredited)
Emily Brobst was:
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