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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Long Riders

The Long Riders

Release Date: 1980-05-16 (41 years ago)
David Carradine
Cole Younger
David Carradine was:
Keith Carradine
Jim Younger
Keith Carradine was:
Robert Carradine
Bob Younger
Robert Carradine was:
James Keach
Jesse James
James Keach was:
Stacy Keach
Frank James
Stacy Keach was:
Dennis Quaid
Ed Miller
Dennis Quaid was:
Randy Quaid
Clell Miller
Randy Quaid was:
Kevin Brophy
John Younger
Kevin Brophy was:
Harry Carey, Jr.
George Arthur
Harry Carey, Jr. was:
Christopher Guest
Charlie Ford
Christopher Guest was:
Nicholas Guest
Bob Ford
Nicholas Guest was:
Shelby Leverington
Annie Ralston
Shelby Leverington was:
Felice Orlandi
Mr. Reddick
Felice Orlandi was:
Pamela Reed
Belle Starr
Pamela Reed was:
James Remar
Sam Starr
James Remar was:
Fran Ryan
Mrs. Samuel
Fran Ryan was:
Savannah Smith Boucher
Savannah Smith Boucher was:
Amy Stryker
Amy Stryker was:
James Whitmore Jr.
Mr. Rixley
James Whitmore Jr. was:
John Bottoms
John Bottoms was:
West Buchanan
West Buchanan was:
Edward Bunker
Edward Bunker was:
Martina Deignan
Shirley Biggs
Martina Deignan was:
Allan Graf
Bank Customer Graf
Allan Graf was:
Chris Mulkey
Vernon Biggs
Chris Mulkey was:
Thomas Myers
Gallatin Bank Cashier
Thomas Myers was:
Marlise Karlin
Marlise Karlin was:
Glenn Robards
Glenn Robards was:
Tim Rossovich
Tim Rossovich was:
Lin Shaye
Lin Shaye was:
Gary Watkins
Bank Teller Heywood
Gary Watkins was:
Peter Jason
The Pinkertons
Peter Jason was:
Duke Stroud
The Pinkertons
Duke Stroud was:
Steven Chambers
The Pinkertons
Steven Chambers was:
William Traylor
The Pinkertons
William Traylor was:
J. Don Ferguson
J. Don Ferguson was:
Hugh McGraw
Hugh McGraw was:
Prentiss Rowe
Sheriff Rowe
Prentiss Rowe was:
Stuart Mossman
Stuart Mossman was:
Michael Lackey
Michael Lackey was:
Mitch Greenhill
Mitch Greenhill was:
Bill Bryson
Banjo Player
Bill Bryson was:
Tom Sauber
Fiddle Player
Tom Sauber was:
Jimmy Medearis
Jimmy Medearis was:
Edgar McLeod
Edgar McLeod was:
Luis Contreras
Man at the Bar
Luis Contreras was:
Kalen Keach
Little Jesse
Kalen Keach was:
R.B. Thrift
Archie Samuel
R.B. Thrift was:
Ry Cooder
Wedding Band Guitar Player (uncredited)
Ry Cooder was:
George D. Miklos
Clogger (uncredited)
George D. Miklos was:
Bill Rampley
Cowboy / Posse (uncredited)
Bill Rampley was:
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