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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Great Impostor

The Great Impostor

Release Date: 1961-03-01 (60 years ago)
Tony Curtis
Ferdinand Waldo Demara Jr. / Martin Donner / Dr. Gilbert / Ben. W. Stone / Dr. Joseph Mornay / Robert Boyd Hammnd
Tony Curtis was:
Karl Malden
Father Devlin
Karl Malden was:
Edmond O'Brien
Capt. Glover - HMCS Cayuga
Edmond O'Brien was:
Arthur O'Connell
Warden J.B. Chandler
Arthur O'Connell was:
Gary Merrill
Fred Demara Sr.
Gary Merrill was:
Joan Blackman
Lt. Catherine Lacey
Joan Blackman was:
Raymond Massey
Abbott Donner
Raymond Massey was:
Robert Middleton
R.C. Brown
Robert Middleton was:
Jeanette Nolan
Mrs. Mary Demara
Jeanette Nolan was:
Sue Ane Langdon
Eulalie Chandler
Sue Ane Langdon was:
Larry Gates
Larry Gates was:
Mike Kellin
Clifford Thompson
Mike Kellin was:
Frank Gorshin
Frank Gorshin was:
Dick Sargent
Dick Sargent was:
Doodles Weaver
Fertilizer Truck Driver
Doodles Weaver was:
David White
Dr. Robert Boyd Hammond
David White was:
Harry Carey, Jr.
Dr. Joseph Mornay
Harry Carey, Jr. was:
Gage Clarke
Mr. Warren
Gage Clarke was:
Jerry Paris
Jerry Paris was:
Ted Knight
Ted Knight was:
Cindi Wood
WAC Lieutenant
Cindi Wood was:
Helen Boll
WAC Corporal (uncredited)
Helen Boll was:
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