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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Cheyenne Autumn

Cheyenne Autumn

Release Date: 1964-10-03 (57 years ago)
Richard Widmark
Capt. Thomas Archer
Richard Widmark was:
Carroll Baker
Deborah Wright
Carroll Baker was:
Karl Malden
Captain Wessels
Karl Malden was:
Sal Mineo
Red Shirt
Sal Mineo was:
Dolores del Río
Spanish woman
Dolores del Río was:
Ricardo Montalban
Little Wolf
Ricardo Montalban was:
Gilbert Roland
Dull Knife
Gilbert Roland was:
Arthur Kennedy
Doc Holliday
Arthur Kennedy was:
Patrick Wayne
Second Lieut. Scott
Patrick Wayne was:
Elizabeth Allen
Miss Plantagenet
Elizabeth Allen was:
John Carradine
Jeff Blair
John Carradine was:
Victor Jory
Tall Tree
Victor Jory was:
Mike Mazurki
Sr. First Sergeant
Mike Mazurki was:
George O’Brien
Major Braden
George O’Brien was:
Sean McClory
Dr. O'Carberry
Sean McClory was:
Judson Pratt
Mayor Dog Kelly
Judson Pratt was:
Carmen D'Antonio
Pawnee Woman
Carmen D'Antonio was:
Ken Curtis
Ken Curtis was:
James Stewart
Wyatt Earp
James Stewart was:
Edward G. Robinson
the Secretary of the Interior
Edward G. Robinson was:
Harry Carey, Jr.
Trooper Smith (uncredited)
Harry Carey, Jr. was:
Ben Johnson
Trooper Plumtree (uncredited)
Ben Johnson was:
Mae Marsh
Woman (uncredited)
Mae Marsh was:
Denver Pyle
Sen. Henry (uncredited)
Denver Pyle was:
Danny Borzage
Danny Borzage was:
James Flavin
Ft. Robinson Sergeant of the Guard
James Flavin was:
Sam Harris
Sam Harris was:
Bert Stevens
Bert Stevens was:
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