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Cahill U.S. Marshal

Cahill U.S. Marshal

Release Date: 1973-07-11 (48 years ago)
John Wayne
J.D. Cahill
John Wayne was:
George Kennedy
Abe Fraser
George Kennedy was:
Gary Grimes
Daniel "Danny" Cahill
Gary Grimes was:
Neville Brand
Neville Brand was:
Clay O'Brien
Billy Joe Cahill
Clay O'Brien was:
Marie Windsor
Mrs. Hetty Green
Marie Windsor was:
Morgan Paull
Morgan Paull was:
Dan Vadis
Dan Vadis was:
Royal Dano
Royal Dano was:
Scott Walker
Ben Tildy
Scott Walker was:
Denver Pyle
Denver Pyle was:
Jackie Coogan
Charlie Smith
Jackie Coogan was:
Rayford Barnes
Pee Wee Simser
Rayford Barnes was:
Dan Kemp
Joe Meehan
Dan Kemp was:
Harry Carey, Jr.
Harry Carey, Jr. was:
Walter Barnes
Sheriff Grady
Walter Barnes was:
Paul Fix
Old Man
Paul Fix was:
Pepper Martin
Hard Case
Pepper Martin was:
Vance Davis
Vance Davis was:
Kenneth Wolger
Old Man's Grandson (as Ken Wolger)
Kenneth Wolger was:
Hank Worden
Albert, Valentine Stationmaster
Hank Worden was:
Murray MacLeod
Deputy Sheriff Gordine
Murray MacLeod was:
Hunter von Leer
Deputy Sheriff Jim Kane
Hunter von Leer was:
James Nusser
Doctor Jones
James Nusser was:
Ralph Volkie
Ralph Volkie was:
Chuck Roberson
Leader of Bunch
Chuck Roberson was:
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