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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in



Release Date: 2017-10-30 (3 years ago)
Maximilian Brückner
Martin Luther
Maximilian Brückner was:
Jan Krauter
Thomas Müntzer
Jan Krauter was:
Johannes Klaußner
Andreas Bodenstein
Johannes Klaußner was:
Frida Lovisa Hamann
Katharina von Bora
Frida Lovisa Hamann was:
Aylin Tezel
Ottilie von Gersen
Aylin Tezel was:
Fabian Hinrichs
Fabian Hinrichs was:
Armin Rohde
Armin Rohde was:
Joachim Król
Albrecht von Brandenburg
Joachim Król was:
Christoph Maria Herbst
Lukas Cranach
Christoph Maria Herbst was:
Anna Schudt
Barbara Cranach
Anna Schudt was:
Johanna Gastdorf
Mother Superior
Johanna Gastdorf was:
Rüdiger Vogler
Frederick III
Rüdiger Vogler was:
Arnd Klawitter
Arnd Klawitter was:
Patrick von Blume
Patrick von Blume was:
Peter Lerchbaumer
Peter Lerchbaumer was:
Maximilian Ehrenreich
Maximilian Ehrenreich was:
Gode Benedix
Gode Benedix was:
Jim Deddes
Jim Deddes was:
Tom Jahn
Tom Jahn was:
Georgia Lautner
Georgia Lautner was:
Miroslav Navrátil
Miroslav Navrátil was:
Jan Bavala
Jan Bavala was:
Ondřej Biravský
Ondřej Biravský was:
Zdeněk Košata
Zdeněk Košata was:
Čestmír Řanda
Čestmír Řanda was:
Franziska Sloboda
Franziska Sloboda was:
Tomáš Kořének
Tomáš Kořének was:
Václav Legner
Václav Legner was:
Miroslav Babuský
Miroslav Babuský was:
Jiří Šimberský
Jiří Šimberský was:
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