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Poster of Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful

Release Date: Saturday, December 20 1997 (24 years ago)
Portrait of Roberto BenigniRoberto Benigni
Guido Orefice
Roberto Benigni was:
Portrait of Nicoletta BraschiNicoletta Braschi
Nicoletta Braschi was:
Portrait of Giorgio CantariniGiorgio Cantarini
Giosué Orefice
Giorgio Cantarini was:
Portrait of Giustino DuranoGiustino Durano
Eliseo Orefice
Giustino Durano was:
Portrait of Sergio Bini BustricSergio Bini Bustric
Sergio Bini Bustric was:
Portrait of Lidia AlfonsiLidia Alfonsi
Signora Guicciardini
Lidia Alfonsi was:
Portrait of Giuliana LojodiceGiuliana Lojodice
Giuliana Lojodice was:
Portrait of Amerigo FontaniAmerigo Fontani
Amerigo Fontani was:
Portrait of Pietro De SilvaPietro De Silva
Pietro De Silva was:
Portrait of Francesco GuzzoFrancesco Guzzo
Francesco Guzzo was:
Portrait of Raffaella LebboroniRaffaella Lebboroni
Raffaella Lebboroni was:
Portrait of Marisa ParedesMarisa Paredes
Madre di Dora
Marisa Paredes was:
Portrait of Horst BuchholzHorst Buchholz
Dottore Lessing
Horst Buchholz was:
Portrait of Adelaide AlaïsAdelaide Alaïs
German Auxilliary
Adelaide Alaïs was:
Portrait of Verena BurattiVerena Buratti
German Auxilliary
Verena Buratti was:
Portrait of Hannes HellmannHannes Hellmann
German Corporal
Hannes Hellmann was:
Portrait of Wolfgang HillingerWolfgang Hillinger
German Major at Party
Wolfgang Hillinger was:
Portrait of Antonio PresterAntonio Prester
Antonio Prester was:
Portrait of Gina RovereGina Rovere
Dora's Maid
Gina Rovere was:
Portrait of Laura Susanne RuedebergLaura Susanne Ruedeberg
German Auxilliary
Laura Susanne Ruedeberg was:
Portrait of Richard SammelRichard Sammel
German Lieutenant at Station
Richard Sammel was:
Portrait of Andrea TidonaAndrea Tidona
Grand Hotel Doorman
Andrea Tidona was:
Portrait of Dirk K. van den BergDirk K. van den Berg
German Soldier
Dirk K. van den Berg was:
Portrait of Omero AntonuttiOmero Antonutti
Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
Omero Antonutti was:
Portrait of Daniela FedtkeDaniela Fedtke
German Auxiliary
Daniela Fedtke was:
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